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Issue OMD/PDA/2019     15. Jan. 2020
15. Jan. 2020
Poster 2193 - 2263

Supplement of the 28th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Dental Association

Supplement, Poster 2193, Language: English
MicroRNAs as Biomarkers in Oral Cancer
Literature Review
Rodrigues, Catarina Alexandre / Palmeira, Carlos / Santos, Joana M. O. / de Sousa, Pedro Valente / Santos, Lúcio Lara
Supplement, Poster 2221, Language: English
Minimally Invasive Treatment of Periodontal Infrabony Defects - Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial
Rolo, Tony / Baptista, Isabel Poiares / Messias, Ana / Caramelo, Francisco / Matos, Sérgio
Supplement, Poster 2223, Language: English
General Anesthesia - Therapeutic Alternative in The Treatment of Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH)
Castanho, Joana Palmeirim / Ramos, Rita Bastos / Martins, Inês Cardoso / Coelho, Ana / Marques, Paula Faria
Supplement, Poster 2224, Language: English
Root Canal Obliteration: a Series of Clinical Cases
Alves, Joana / Madureira, Rui
Supplement, Poster 2225, Language: English
The Boost in Microinfiltration Technique with Sodium Hypochlorite
Moreira, Cátia Ribeiro / Rocha, Lígia / Costa, Sonia
Supplement, Poster 2226, Language: English
In Vitro Cytotoxicity of Acrylic Resins with Different Polymerization Methods
Carvalho, Joana / Arruda, Diogo / Arantes e Oliveira, Sofia / Barahona, Isabel / Félix, Sérgio
Supplement, Poster 2229, Language: English
Nonsurgical Endodontic Management of Dens Invaginatus Type IIIb - A Case Report
Melo-Ferraz, Antonio / Moreira, Telma / Azevedo, Adelia / Ferreira, Sonia / Miller, Paulo Cruz
Supplement, Poster 2231, Language: English
Spheno-occipital Synchondrosis in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients - a Case Control Study
Sobral, Adriana / Roseiro, Ana / Lucas, António / Caramelo, Francisco / do Vale, Francisco Fernandes
Supplement, Poster 2232, Language: English
Flare-up In Endodontics: Relation to the Number of Sessions
Salgueiro, Adriana / Vasconcelos, Natália / Teles, Ana Moura / Martins, Alexandra / Guimarães, Duarte
Supplement, Poster 2233, Language: English
Disinfection Of Dental Impressions: a Safe But Feared Step
Azevedo, Maria João Maia / Correia, Inês / Azevedo, Álvaro / Sampaio-Maia, Benedita / Portela, Ana
Supplement, Poster 2235, Language: English
Prevalence Of Antibiotic Resistance Genes (TEM, TetM, TetQ, cfxA, MefA, Erm, Nim genes) in Periodontic Infections of a Portuguese Population
Freitas, Daniel / Gonçalves, Lara / Coelho, Maria João / Pina, Cristina / Lopes Cardoso, Inês
Supplement, Poster 2236, Language: English
Glycine And It's Applications in Dental Medicine
Sá, Ana Góis / Rajão, António / Rocha, Lígia / Sousa, Arnaldo / Torres, Orlanda
Supplement, Poster 2237, Language: English
Search For Staphylococcus Aureus On Surfaces of the Equipment of Dental Medicine
Gonçalves, Eva / Gavinha, Sandra / Lopes Cardoso, Inês / Pina, Cristina
Supplement, Poster 2238, Language: English
Implant Placement with Split Crest Technique - Clinical Case
Correia, Francisco / Castro, Fatima / Faria-Almeida, Ricardo
Prémio OMD/Pierre Fabre Supplement, Poster 2239, Language: English
Differential Diagnosis of HPV-related Oral Lesions - Case Series
Cabrita, Joana / De Macedo, Diana / Louraço, Ana / Freitas, Filipe / Caramês, João
Supplement, Poster 2242, Language: English
Influence Of Resin Cement: in Vitro Color Changes
Pereira, Joana Cunha / Reis, José Alexandre / Martins, Francisco / Fuentes, Victoria / Maurício, Paulo Durão
Supplement, Poster 2243, Language: English
Cowden Syndrome
Clinical Case
Nepomuceno, Luís Filipe Galiau / Craveiro, Inês Santos / Dias, Rafael Correia / Freitas, Filipe Marinho Ferraz / Caramês, João Manuel Mendes
Supplement, Poster 2244, Language: English
Smile Modification in Odontopediatrics
Minimal invasive aesthetic solution for a complex case
Bernardino, Diogo Filipe Santos / Velha, Lais Domingues / Braga, Rodrigo / Almeida, Carlos / Figueiredo, Andreia
Supplement, Poster 2245, Language: English
Non-dental Incidental Findings in Cone-beam Computed Tomography
Quaresma, Patrícia / Rodrigues, Mariana Latas / Sobral, Adriana / Francisco, Inês / do Vale, Francisco Fernandes
Supplement, Poster 2246, Language: English
Reconstructive Periodontal Therapy of a Compromised Tooth Beyond the Apex - Clinical Case
Gomes, Mariana Soares / Santos, Pedro Miguel / Monteiro, Patrícia Manarte / Gavinha, Sandra / Oliveira, Hélder Filipe
Supplement, Poster 2247, Language: English
Central Giant Cell Granuloma
A Clinical Case
Craveiro, Inês Santos / Dias, Rafael Correia / Nepomuceno, Luís Filipe Galiau / Louraço, Ana / Caramês, João Manuel Mendes
Supplement, Poster 2248, Language: English
Hidroxychloroquine Induced Palatal Hyperpigmentation - a Case Report
Alves, Andreia Almeida / Trancoso, Pedro / Leal, Rosana Maria
Supplement, Poster 2249, Language: English
Effect Of Thermal Aging and Chemical Disinfection on Proprieties of Flexible Resins
Nascimento, Inês Antunes / Rodrigues dos Santos, N. / Paulo, J. / Luís, H. / Santos, V.
Supplement, Poster 2253, Language: English
Evaluation Of Removal of Calcium Hydroxide Mixed with Chlorhexidine and Detection of Precipitate
Teles, Ana Moura / Remoaldo, Marina Caetano / Guimarães, Duarte Antunes / Soares, Bárbara Sá / Santos, João Miguel
Supplement, Poster 2255, Language: English
Osteoma Of the Maxilla
Clinical Case
Rodrigues dos Santos, Nuno Miguel Nina Martins / Pinto, Ricardo / Freitas, Filipe / Cerejeira, Lino / Caramês, João
Supplement, Poster 2260, Language: English
Removable Complete Denture Using CAD/CAM: Clinical Case
Barreto, Maria João Bissaia / Calejo, André Antunes / Rua, João / Lopes Fonseca, Helena / Maurício, Paulo Durão
Supplement, Poster 2261, Language: English
Association Between Abdominal Obesity and Periodontitis in Brazilian Adults Population
Pimentel, Julia Mascarenhas / Soares, Johelle Passos / Carneiro, Daline Oliveira
Supplement, Poster 2263, Language: English
Guided Tissue Regeneration Using Membrane and Bone Substitute of Equine Origin (triagen®)
Vilhena, Mafalda / Sardinha, Sara / Nemésio, Mafalda / Izidoro, Catarina / Alves, Ricardo