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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Issue OMD/PDA/2016     15. Jan. 2017
15. Jan. 2017
Poster 1072 - 1109

Supplement of the 25th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Dental Association 2016

Supplement, Poster 1072, Language: English
Maxillary Lateral Incisor Agenesis Treated With Closing Space: A Clinical Case
Gomes, Ana Filipa G. / Raposo, Rita / Pinho, Teresa
Supplement, Poster 1073, Language: English
Traumatic Dental Injury of Permanent Teeth
A Clinical Case
Moreira, André / Campos, Helena / Silva, Teresa / Areias, Cristina / Coelho, Ana
Supplement, Poster 1074, Language: English
Aesthetic Evaluation after Application of a Modified Tunnel Technique for Root Coverage
Druais, Élise / Rolo, Tony / Matos, Sérgio
Supplement, Poster 1075, Language: English
Study of a Self-Adhesive Composite, in Dentin Surfaces Prepared with Er,Cr:YSGG Laser
Silva, Ana Catarina / Nogueira, Ana / Melo, Paulo Ribeiro de / Oliveira, Sofia Santos Arantes e / Gutknecht, Norbert
Prémio OMD/Pierre Fabre 2016: Comunicação Oral de Caso Clínico Supplement, Poster 1076, Language: English
Differential Diagnosis of Single Pigmented Lesions of the Oral Mucosa: A Case Series
Macedo, Diana de / Cabrita, Joana / Louraço, Ana / Freitas, Filipe / Caramês, João
Supplement, Poster 1077, Language: English
The Effect of Different Remineralizing Agents on Caries-like Lesions: A Pilot Study
Assunção, Paula / Peixoto, André / Carmo, Joana / Ascenso, Carla / Manso, Ana Cristina
Supplement, Poster 1078, Language: English
Prosthetic Soft Tissue Conditioning in Single Implant Restorations: A Clinical Case Report
Fernandes, Luis / Carvalho, Luis / Domingos, João
Supplement, Poster 1079, Language: Portuguese/English
First Maxillary Premolar with 3 Canals
Paixão, Sara
Supplement, Poster 1080, Language: English
Wear of the Implant Hexagon with Zirconia and Titanium Abutments
Reis, José A. / Mauricio, Paulo / Reis, Luís / Vaz, Fátima / Barbero, Ignácio
Supplement, Poster 1081, Language: English
Influence of Aluminium Oxide Particles on Bond Strength after Dentin Sealing
Santos, Inês Caetano / Rua, João / Monteiro, Paulo / Mendes, José João / Polido, Mário
Supplement, Poster 1082, Language: English
Migration of a Dental Implant into the Maxillary Sinus: A Case Report
Rodrigues, Pedro Miguel da Silva / Afonso, C. / Caetano, A. / Nathalal, D. / Silva, V.
Supplement, Poster 1083, Language: Portuguese/English
Lateral Osteotomy Technique for Placing Implants: A Case Report
Correia, Francisco / Gouveia, Sónia / Felino, António / Pozza, Daniel / Faria e Almeida, Ricardo
Supplement, Poster 1084, Language: English
In Vitro Evaluation of Different Dental Materials Used as Intracoronal Barrier
Moura Teles, Ana / Mesquita, Fernanda / Gomes, Ana / Guimarães, Duarte / Coelho, Susana
Supplement, Poster 1085, Language: English
Fixed Rehabilitation of Two Non-Symmetrical Adjacent Teeth with One Implant
Gaspar, João / Gaspar, Inês / Pitschieller, Ricardo / Gaspar, Rui
Supplement, Poster 1086, Language: English
Biodentine™: Present and Future
Sampedro, M. / Filgueira, M. / Marques, C. / Miller, P. / Barbosa, M.
Supplement, Poster 1087, Language: English
Hypophosphatasia in Pediatric Dentistry
Analysis of a Case Report
Sampedro, M. / Vale, T.
Supplement, Poster 1088, Language: English
Apical Extrusion of Debris Produced by Reciprocating and Continuous Rotation Systems
Antunes Guimarães, Duarte / Teles, Ana Moura / Mesquita, Fernanda / Gomes, Ana / Lemos, Catarina
Supplement, Poster 1089, Language: English
Fatigue Life of ProTaper GoldRM Instruments
An In Vitro Study
Pereira, F. / Vaz, M. / Martins, R. / Ginjeira, A.
Supplement, Poster 1090, Language: English
In Vitro Evaluation of the Efficacy of Dental Bleaching
Marques, Maria João / Oliveira, Maria Teresa / Melo, Paulo / Almeida, Carlos
Supplement, Poster 1091, Language: English
Rehabilitation with Feldspathic Veneers and Jacket in Aesthetic Zone: A Clinical Case
Baptista Pereira, João / Amorim, Tomás / Melo, Teresa Pinheiro de / Laranjeira, João / Fonseca, T. Luís
Supplement, Poster 1092, Language: English
Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation in Orthodontics, Periodontology, Implantology, Prostodontics and Aesthetics
A Clinical Case
Pinheiro de Melo, Teresa / Amorim, Tomás / Tocantins, Ernesto / Pereira, João / Fonseca, Luís
Supplement, Poster 1093, Language: English
Combining Direct and Indirect Restorations in the Esthetic Zone: A Clinical Case
Afonso, Tomás / Amorim, António / Nunes da Silva, Vasco / Pereira, João Baptista / Fonseca, T. Luís
Supplement, Poster 1094, Language: English
Aesthetic Rehabilitation at it's Limit - A Multidisciplinary Clinical Case
Nunes da Silva, Vasco / Reis, Marcos / Pinto, Cláudio / Freitas, Pedro
Supplement, Poster 1095, Language: English
Closing Diastemas with Direct Restorations: A Clinical Case
Félix da Costa, Helena / Simões, Ana Marta / Belbut, Marta / Afonso, Tomás Amorim / Mano Azul, Ana Cristina
Supplement, Poster 1096, Language: English
Mandibular Removable Space Maintainer: A Clinical Case
Kizi, Gunel Nazim / Barata, Ana Raquel / Ventura, Irene / Castãno Séiquer, Antonio / Montero, Javier
Supplement, Poster 1097, Language: English
Bruxism Diagnosis: A Clinical Case Report
Castro, Maura / Delgado, António / Almeida, André Mariz / Rua, João / Félix, Sérgio
Supplement, Poster 1098, Language: English
Systemic Scleroderma in Pediatric Dentistry
Puga, Lisandra Lima / Carvalho Silva, C. / Silveira, A. / Teles, A. M. / Silva, C. C.
Supplement, Poster 1099, Language: English
The Use of a Ceramic Fragment for a Diastema Closure: A Clinical Case
Gameiro, Artur / Simões, M. B. / Amorim, T. / Fonseca, L. / Azul, A. C.
Supplement, Poster 1100, Language: English
Thyroid Tumor Oncological Manifestations in the Oral Cavity: A Clinical Case
Alves, Gil Fernandes / Azevedo, João Pedro / Alves, Duarte Gil / Alves, Margarida / Alves, Mariana
Supplement, Poster 1101, Language: English
Clinical Approach and Bilateral Lesion Surgery on the Oral Mucosa
Saavedra Silva, Mariana / Leitão, Bruno / Silva, António / Nunes, S.
Supplement, Poster 1102, Language: English
Bilateral Palatal Inclusion Canines in a Patient with Skeletal Class III
Lavall, Asela / Pires, Liliana Pereira / Ustrell, Josep / Alfaiate, David
Supplement, Poster 1103, Language: English
Bimaxilary Full-Arch Rehabilitation of Edentulous Patient: A Clinical Case
Amorim, Antonio / Amorim, Tomás / Lavado, José / Amoroso, João / Tocantins, Ernesto
Supplement, Poster 1104, Language: English
Success and Survival Rates of Zirconia Implants: A Systematic Review
Da Cruz Lopes, Marcelo / Puigmal, Rosa / Valdearenas, Isabel / Mendieta, Carlos
Supplement, Poster 1105, Language: English
Rehabilitation with Total Removable Prosthesis - A Treatment Option without Preprosthesis Surgery
Barreto, Maria João / Martins, Francisco / Rosado, Nuno / Campos, João / Maurício, Paulo
Best Oral Communication Of Literature Review Supplement, Poster 1106, Language: English
Dental Stem Cells: A Literature Review
Freitas, Joana / Sequeira, Diana / Martins, João / Palma, Paulo da / Santos, João Miguel dos
Best Clinical cases poster Supplement, Poster 1107, Language: English
Indirect Resin Composite in Anterior Rehabilitation (Pressed Resin)
Argolinha, Inês / Rua, João / Machado, Vanessa / Botelho, João / Antunes, Maria João
Best Oral Communication of Research Supplement, Poster 1108, Language: English
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures with Scaffolds in Immature Teeth with Apical Periodontitis
Palma, Paulo Jorge / Ramos, João Carlos / Martins, João / Viegas, Carlos / Santos, João Miguel
Supplement, Poster 1109, Language: Portuguese/English
The Use of Removable Denture Associated with Quality of Life
Guimarães, Inês / Peixoto, André / Carmo, Joana / Manso, Ana Cristina