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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Issue CAMLOG/2016     14. Oct. 2016
14. Oct. 2016
Poster 1029 - 1050

Supplement: 6th International CAMLOG Congress 2016, Krakow, Poland

3rd Prize Supplement, Poster 1029, Language: English
The Effect of Abutment Materials on Peri-implant Soft and Hard Tissue Level - Three Years Follow-up
Ueda, Kazuhiko / Ozawa, Makoto / Hiroyasu, Kazuhiko / Seto, Munetsugu / Katsuta, Yasuhiro / Shinohara, Ryusuke / Watanabe, Fumihiko
First Price /Poster Competition Supplement, Poster 1030, Language: English
Neurophysiological Changes after Implant Placement Associated with Augmentation Procedures
Hartmann, Amely / Welte-Jyzk, Claudia / Seiler, Marcus / Daubländer, Monika
Supplement, Poster 1031, Language: English
Comparison between Panorama and CBCT Reformatted Panoramic Images for Presurgical Dental Implant Assessment
Lee, Jae-Yeol / Kim, Yong-Deok / Kim, Cheol hong
Supplement, Poster 1032, Language: English
Digital Impressions in Implant Dentistry
Vaz, Inês Baltazar / Carracho, José
Supplement, Poster 1033, Language: English
Endoscope Sinus Lift (ESSL)
Maejima, Tetsuya
Supplement, Poster 1034, Language: English
Fixed Immediate Temporary Dentures for Edentulous Jaws Made by CAD/CAM Farbrication with the Comfour System
Schnutenhaus, Sigmar / Edelmann, C. / Luthardt, R. G.
Supplement, Poster 1035, Language: English
The Implant-Prosthetic Rehabilitation of the Severely Atrophied Maxillary Alveolar Ridge with the use of Autogenous Bone Blocks and Short Dental Implants
Morawiec, Tadeusz / Kownacki, Patryk / Rój, Rafał / Wrzoł, Maciej / Śmieszek-Wilczewska, Joanna / Skrok-Wolski, Grzegorz / Niedzielska, Iwona
Supplement, Poster 1036, Language: English
Evaluation of Selected Stomatognathic System Parameters in Patients with Dental Implant Therapy with Shortened Dental Arch
Rój, Rafał / Morawiec, Tadeusz / Kownacki, Patryk / Wrzoł, Maciej / Rosak, Przemysław / Wiatrak, Karolina / Bogacz, Mateusz / Kasperski, Jacek
Supplement, Poster 1037, Language: English
Temperature Rating Changes During Dental Implant Treatment by using Infrared Thermography - Preliminary Results
Morawiec, Tadeusz / Rój, Rafał / Kownacki, Patryk / Wrzoł, Maciej / Kasperski, Jacek / Pala, Marek / Bubiłek-Bogacz, Anna
Supplement, Poster 1038, Language: English
Comparative Evaluation of Bone Regeneration Following Surgical Closure of Oro-antral Perforation with and without Bone Augmentation using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) - Case Report
Nieckula, Paweł / Wychowański, Piotr / Iwańczyk, Bartłomiej / Wojtowicz, Andrzej
Supplement, Poster 1039, Language: English
Immediate Implantation and Immediate Definitive Lithium Disilicate Custom Abutment: A Case Report
Buduneli, Nurcan / Gümüş, Pinar / Çömlekoğlu, Erhan
Supplement, Poster 1040, Language: English
Dental Implants after Horizontal Bone Augmentation using a Titanium Membrane in the Maxilla: A Case Report
Buduneli, Nurcan / Gümüş, Pinar / Çömlekoğlu, Erhan
Supplement, Poster 1041, Language: English
Bisphosphonate-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Triggered by Dental Implants
The current situation in Japan and correspondence with osteoporosis patients when getting dental implants
Yago, Kaori / Kizu, Hideki / Hashiguchi, Hayato / Asanami, Soichiro
Supplement, Poster 1042, Language: English
Horizontal and Vertical Alveolar Bone Augmentation in the Posterior Maxilla with ReOss® and GEM 21 S® - a Case Report
Kresa, Igor / Adamiec, Marcin / Wojtowicz, Andrzej
Supplement, Poster 1043, Language: English
Anatomy of the Maxillary Posterior Region with Implications for Implant Therapy
Hunt, Peter / Bergler, Silvy / Ceccacci, Laura
Supplement, Poster 1044, Language: English
Initial Report of 44 Consecutive Cases of Immediate Maxillary Molar Replacement
Hunt, Peter / Furlan, Chris / Flaherty, Peter / Bergler, Silvy / Ceccacci, Laura
Supplement, Poster 1045, Language: English
Initial Report of 42 Consecutive Cases of Immediate Mandibular Molar Replacement
Hunt, Peter R. / Flaherty, P. / Furlan, P. / Ceccacci, L. M. / Bergler, S.
Supplement, Poster 1046, Language: English
Adverse Sequelae in a Series of 86 Cases of Immediate Molar Implant Replacements
Bergler, Silvy / Ceccacci, Laura / Hunt, Peter
Supplement, Poster 1047, Language: English
Digital Approach to Maxillary Lateral Incisor Replacement: Planning
Ceccacci, L. M. / Bergler, S. / Flaherty, P. / Hunt, P. R.
Supplement, Poster 1048, Language: English
Digital Approach to Maxillary Lateral Incisor Replacement: Clinical Implications
Ceccacci, L. M. / Bergler, S. / Flaherty, P. / Hunt, P. R.
Supplement, Poster 1049, Language: English
Fabrication of a Monolithic Lithium-disilicate Abutment Crown: A Case Report
Çelikkol, Ongun / Çömlekoğlu, M. Erhan
Supplement, Poster 1050, Language: English
Two Year Clinical Follow-up of Short Implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis in Posterior Maxilla
Özkan, Yasemin Kulak / Kahramanoğlu, Erkut / Aslan, Y. Umut / Özkan, Yaşar