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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Issue DGMKG/2016     1. June 2016
1. June 2016
Poster 996 - 1051

Supplement: 66. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, 2016, Hamburg

Supplement, Poster 996, Language: German/English
Odontogenic Myxoma of the Condyle - A Rare Condition.
Wiedemeyer, Valentin / Heim, Nils / Wilms, Christian / Spitzer, Martin / Faron, Anton / Höller, Sylvia / Reich, Rudolf / Teschke, Markus
Supplement, Poster 997, Language: German/English
Combined Orbital Reconstruction with Plate Osteosynthesis, Polydioxanone Foil and Individual CAD/CAM-Implant in a Complex Nasoorbitoethmoid Fracture
Schell, Julian / Pfeifle, Martin / Schäfer, Fabian / Rabbels, Jens / Bublitz, Rolf / Weingart, Dieter
Supplement, Poster 998, Language: German/English
Extended Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma of the Lower Jaw. From Resection to Rehabilitation - A Case Report.
Schöne, Patrick / Kühn, Christian / Busch, Alexander / Rustemeyer, Jan
Supplement, Poster 999, Language: German/English
Free Flap and Rigid External Distraction Device in Cleft Maxillary Defects and Fistulas
Gudewer, Eva-Monika / Kos, Marcin / Popken, Gerd / Dinu, Christian / Li, Lei
Supplement, Poster 1000, Language: German/English
Dermatobia hominis - An Undesirable Intruder to Infraorbital Skin
Lommen, Julian / Sehhati-Chafai-Leuwer, S. / Kübler, N. R. / Sproll, C. K. / Holtmann, H.
Supplement, Poster 1001, Language: German/English
Investigation of Influencing Factors Concerning the Long-Term Result of Root Amputation. A Retrospective Analysis of 261 Root Amputations.
Wilde, Frank / Rath, Maximilian / Mascha, Frank / Pietzka, Sebastian / Schramm, Alexander / Winter, Karsten
Supplement, Poster 1002, Language: German/English
Necrotizing Fasciitis after Wisdom Tooth Removal
Case-Report of a Rare and Life-Threatening Disease
Holtmann, Henrik / Wilhelm, S. Bastian / Singh, Daman D. / Kübler, Norbert R.
Supplement, Poster 1003, Language: German/English
Denosumab as an Alternative Treatment in Cases of Giant Cell Tumors of the Mandible.
Mommsen, Jens / Vázquez-Bouso, Olga / Mateos-Micas, Mario / Mirada-Donisa, Eduard / Oreiro, Sonia Castro / Rodríguez-Fernández, Javier
Supplement, Poster 1004, Language: German/English
Extra-Skeletal Chondroma in the Temporomandibular Joint Region
A rare case
Holtmann, Henrik / Rüggeberg, Tim / Böttinger, Thomas Ulrich / Kübler, Norbert / Langie, Renan
Supplement, Poster 1005, Language: German/English
Unusual Case of a Reactivated Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis as a Result of Immunosuppression with Infliximab (Remicade) due to Psoriasis Geographica
Reactivation of Latent Tuberculosis under Immunosuppression with Infliximab
Holtmann, Henrik / Singh, D. D. / Kübler, N. R. / Sproll, C. / Langie, R.
Supplement, Poster 1006, Language: German/English
Extreme Case of an Eagle-Syndrome with Diffuse Unilateral Pain in Maxilla and TMJ
A Case Report and Six-Year Follow-Up Examination
Heim, Nils / Faron, Anton / Reich, Rudolf
Supplement, Poster 1007, Language: German/English
How Comprehensible is our Patient Information?
Faron, Anton / Fuchs, Julia / Heim, Nils / Wiedemeyer, Valentin / Reich, Rudolf H. / Martini, Markus
Supplement, Poster 1008, Language: German/English
The Tuber-Os-Mucosa Graft
Autogenous composite graft as an alternative socket preservation
Neisius, J. Thomas
Supplement, Poster 1009, Language: German/English
Temporary Oro-Mucosal Antrum Stent
Differential therapeutic option to cleanse purulent maxillary sinusitis
Neisius, J. Thomas
Supplement, Poster 1010, Language: German/English
Intramuscular Hemangioma of the Masseter in Childhood - A Rare Case.
Rutkowski, Rico / Schuster, Matthias / Kindler, Stefan / Kaduk, Wolfram
Supplement, Poster 1011, Language: German/English
Combined Therapy of an Arteriovenous Malformation of the Cheek - a Case Report
Schnabl, Christina Lucia / Dahlhoff, Anna Elisabeth / Rustemeyer, Jan
Supplement, Poster 1012, Language: German/English
Computer assisted reconstruction oft he mandible with simultaneous placement of dental implants for prosthetic rehabilitation
Zweifel, Daniel Fritz / Bredell, Marius Gustav / Essig, Harald / Gander, Thomas / Rücker, Martin / Studer, Stephan
Supplement, Poster 1013, Language: German/English
The recurrent primary malignant melanoma of the palatal mucosa - a case report
Kühn, Christian / Schöne, Patrick / Rustemeyer, Jan
Supplement, Poster 1014, Language: German/English
Kerion celsi as a Another Diagnosis to a Intensified Impetigo
Pfeifle, Martin / Bublitz, Rolf / Weingart, Dieter
Supplement, Poster 1015, Language: German/English
Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis of the Lower Yaw: CRMO, the Juvenile SAPHO Syndrome
Rustemeyer, Jan / Dahlhoff, Anna Elisabeth / Schnabl, Christina Lucia
Supplement, Poster 1026, Language: German/English
Gene Expression Ratio of ANGPT1 und ANGPT2 and its Influence on OSCC
Sielker, Sonja / Purcz, Nicolai / Sproll, Christoph / Acil, Yahya / Kleinheinz, Johannes / Jung, Susanne
Supplement, Poster 1027, Language: English
Ewing Sarcoma of the Floor of the Mouth - a Rare Case
Hoefer, Sebastian Herbert / Lorenz, Jonas / Teiler, Anna / Ghanaati, Shahram / Sader, Robert
Supplement, Poster 1028, Language: English
A Severe Case of Necrotizing Fasciitis of the Head, Neck and Mediastinum
Weinberg, Aryé / Sommer, Konrad / Albers, Andreas E.
Supplement, Poster 1051, Language: English
Accuracy of Maxillary Advancement in Orthognthic Surgery Using a CAD/CAM Generated Wafer
Pietzka, Sebastian / Mascha, Frank / Heufelder, Marcus / Schramm, Alexander / Winter, Karsten / Wilde, Frank