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Issue 2/2016     15. June 2016
15. June 2016
Poster 986 - 995

Poster 986, Language: English
Multidisciplinary Management of a Missing Maxillary Central Incisor: a Case Report
Boedëc, Anne / Badran, Zahi / Safarzadeh, Afshin / Gaudin, Alexis / Soueidan, Assem / Hoornaert, Alain
Poster 987, Language: English
GBR Using a Novel PLGA Synthetic Membrane before Implant Placement: a Case Report
Badran, Zahi / Layrolle, Pierre / Verner, Christian / Struillou, Xavier / Hoornaert, Alain
Poster 988, Language: English
Effect of Denture Base Materials' Immersion in Natural and Artificial Saliva
Andrei, Oana-Cella / Farcasiu, Alexandru-Titus / Păuna, Mihaela / Farcasiu, Cătălina
Consolation Prize Poster 989, Language: English
Nodular Fasciitis - Report of a Rare Case
Dasgupta, Paulami / MP, Shamshad / Kamath, Geetha / HS, Srikanth / Babshet, Medha / Doddamani, Lakshmi
Best Poster Award Poster 990, Language: English
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Periodontal Health & Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Amongst Expecting Mothers of Pune City, Maharashtra India: a Questionnaire Study
Awareness of Pregnant Women Regarding Oral Health and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome.
Ravishankar, Chaitra Telgi / S., Wagh / Seema, C. / Naveen, M. / Harsimran, K. / Ashish, S.
Poster 991, Language: English
Accuracy of Full-Arch Implant Frameworks Obtained Through Digital Impression
Setti, Paolo / Menini, Maria / Pera, Francesco / Pesce, Paolo / Pera, Paolo
Poster 992, Language: English
A New, Nasal Cannula-Based Nitrous Oxide Sedation System
Does it work?
Mathers, Frank Gordon / Walgenbach, Gabi / Reiter-Nohn, Petra / Kaemmerer, P.
poster certificate Poster 993, Language: English
Retrieval of Cement-Retained Implant Bridge: a Case Report
Alfahd, Adnan / Farouk, Mohamed / Radi, Iman
Poster 995, Language: English
Psychological Aspects Influencing Patients' Choice for Local Anaesthesia in Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment
Derman (former Termaat), Sonja H. M. / Lowden, Claudia E. / Noack, Michael J.