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Issue 1/2015     15. Mar. 2015
15. Mar. 2015
Poster 853 - 862

Poster 853, Language: English
Traditional Lectures, E-learning and Blended Learning in Orthodontics - Are Computers the better Instructors?
Krey, Karl-Friedrich / Schicker, Peter / Dannhauer, Karl-Heinz
Poster 854, Language: English
Synthetic bone substitute material compared to xenogeneic material for bone tissue regeneration
Histological, histomorphometrical and clinical results (two years follow-up) from a split- mouth study in humans
Lorenz, Jonas Michael / Kubesch, Alica / Barbeck, Mike / Sader, Robert A. / Ghanaati, Shahram
Best Poster Poster 855, Language: English
Wonders of Laser-Lok
Radiographic analysis of crestal bone levels around Laser-Lok implants as compared with identical non treated implants
Doshi, Shreya Bharat / Jain, Sanjay A. / Muglikar, Sangeeta
Poster 856, Language: English
Dimensional Changes of three addition silicones after autoclaving
Martins, Francisco / Reis, José Alexandre / Maurício, Paulo
Poster 857, Language: German/English
Chlorhexidin-assoziierte Desquamation der oralen Mucosa
Chlorhexidine-associated desquamation of the oral mucosa

Case Report

Schober, Anne / Nobel, C.
Tagungsbestpreis 2013 für das beste wissenschaftliche Poster Poster 858, Language: English
MRI Findings in Muscles of Mastication in Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)
Goedicke, Nikolas / Janko, Steffani / Lauer, Hans-Christoph
Poster 859, Language: English
Management of a deep palatogingival groove using Guided Tissue Regeneration
Regeneration in periodontally compromised tooth
Sehgal, Prachi
Poster 860, Language: English
Preoperative microbiology screening and it's prediction of surgical outcomes in cleft lip and palate surgery
Gardner, Andrew William / Russell, Craig / Ray, Arup / Wynne, David / Devlin, Mark
Poster 861, Language: English
Odontoameloblastoma with calcifying cystic odontogenic Tumour
Rehan, Ahmed Danish / George, Jiji / Dar, Mohammad Shafi
Poster 862, Language: English
Inter-examiner Calibration Study using ICDAS in University Dental Clinic
Gundavarapu, Kalyan Chakravarthy