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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Issue DGMKG/2014     11. June 2014
11. June 2014
Poster 760 - 818

Supplement: 64. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie, 2014, Mainz

Supplement, Poster 760, Language: English
Differential diagnosis of a cervical cystic neoplasia
Henningsen, Anders
Supplement, Poster 761, Language: English
The two-phase transplantation concept for rehabilitation of jaw growth after traumatic tooth loss in childhood and adolescence
Angermair, Johannes / Tschammler, Claudia / Heiligensetzer, Manuel / Linsenmann, Robert / Nolte, Dirk
Supplement, Poster 762, Language: German/English
Case report: Example of an interdisciplinary team approach of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery
Schlabe, Jürgen / Thiele, Oliver / Struckmann, Victoria / Koilos, Leila / Hernekamp, Jan-Frederik / Kremer, Thomas / Kneser, Ulrich / Mischkowski, Robert Andreas
Supplement, Poster 763, Language: English
Aspergillosis of the paranasal sinuses
Teiler, Anna Maria / Hoefer, Sebastian Herbert / Sader, Robert / Landes, Constantin
Supplement, Poster 764, Language: English
Acute life-threatening Infections of the Head&Neck Region
Teiler, Anna Maria / Hoefer, Sebastian Herbert / Sader, Robert / Landes, Constantin
Supplement, Poster 765, Language: English
Foreign Body of the Orbita - two interesting Cases
Hoefer, Sebastian Herbert / Teiler, Anna Maria / Ballon, Alexander / Sader, Robert / Landes, Constantin
Poster Award Supplement, Poster 766, Language: German/English
Periimplantitis or periimplantary squamous cell carcinoma
A severe problem of clinical differential diagnosis
Lautwein, Anke / Singh, Daman D. / Spitzer, Wolfgang J. / Holtmann, Henrik
Supplement, Poster 767, Language: German/English
Primary dental bar use for fibula transplants
Accuracy of guided drilling, a preclinical investigation
Goetze, Elisabeth Johanna / Surjono, Stanley / Righesso, Leonardo / Koch, Felix / Wagner, Wilfried
Supplement, Poster 768, Language: German/English
Indications for simultaneous aesthetic septorhinoplasty and functional endoscopic sinus surgery
Mootz, Burkhard
Supplement, Poster 769, Language: German/English
Influence of geranylgeraniol on cell viability, migration ability and apoptosis rate of endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) after bisphosphonate treatment in vitro
Pabst, Andreas Max / Ziebart, Thomas / Krüger, Maximilian / Klein, Marcus Oliver / Walter, Christian
Supplement, Poster 770, Language: German/English
Anti-tumorous effect of chloroquine on oral squamous cell carcinoma in-vitro
Olczak, Katarzyna / Sagheb, Keyvan / Krüger, Maximilian / Walter, Christian
Supplement, Poster 771, Language: German/English
Recurrence behavior of oral squamous cell carcinoma of the upper jaw in comparison to the buccal mucosa, a retrospective analysis of the last 26 years
Rahimi-Nedjat, Roman Kia / Sagheb, Keyvan / Kraft, Ina-Sophie / Sagheb, Kaweh / Al-Nawas, Bilal / Walter, Christian
Supplement, Poster 772, Language: German/English
One stage prothodontic and 3D CAD/CAM surgical reconstruction of the mandible using the dental archbar as a fixateur externe
Koch, Felix Peter / Fuchs, Olaf / Götze, E. / Schulz, P. / Moergel, M. / Wentaschek, S. / Wegener, J. / Wagner, W.
Supplement, Poster 773, Language: German/English
Bisphosphonate inhibit cell function of HUVECs, fibroblasts and osteoblasts via the inhibition of the geranylgeraniolation of proteins
Walter, Christian / Ziebart, Thomas / Pabst, Andreas Max / Hagelauer, Nadine
Supplement, Poster 774, Language: German/English
Prevalence of bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws after implementation of primary prevention
Walter, Christian / Engel, Christina / Thomas, Christian
Supplement, Poster 775, Language: German/English
The influence of Paraoxonase-2 (PON-2) on resistance against radiotherapy in oral squamous cell carcinoma
Krüger, Maximilian / Moergel, Maximilian / Horke, Sven / Al-Nawas, Bilal
Supplement, Poster 776, Language: German/English
Acceptance And Usage of Tablet Computers on Clinical Anamnesis survey
Koch, Johanna / Schulz, Peter / Wagner, Wilfried
Supplement, Poster 777, Language: German/English
First clinical experience with an Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprothesis
Sehhati-Chafai-Leuwer, Susanne / Geerling, Gerd / Hille, Konrad / Kübler, Norbert
Supplement, Poster 778, Language: German/English
Evaluation of cranial bone transport distraction with and without adipose grafting
Koch, Felix Peter / Yuhasz, Mikell M. / Travieso, Rob / Wong, Kenneth / Clune, James / Zuang, Zhen W. / Houten, Joshua Van / Steinbacher, Derek M.
Supplement, Poster 779, Language: German/English
Pyoderma Gangrenosum of the Scalp
A rare extrainestinal manifestation of Crohn's Disease
Schwaab, Philipp / Kreusch, Thomas
Supplement, Poster 780, Language: German/English
Evaluation of pathologies of the maxillary sinus with orthopantomography and cone beam tomography
Kämmerer, Peer / Liese, Jan / Marciak, Paul / Al-Nawas, Bilal
Supplement, Poster 781, Language: German/English
Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma of the Palate in a 5-Year-Old Girl: Case Report and Literature Review.
Baumgardt, Christoph
Supplement, Poster 782, Language: English
Medical care on operations and the evacuation of soldiers
Stoetzer, Marcus / Stübner, M. / Rana, Majeed / Gellrich, Nils-Claudius / von See, Constantin
Poster Award, Category: Case Report Supplement, Poster 783, Language: German/English
Auricular Reconstruction Using an Anterior Pedicled Retroauriculat Flap
Auricular Reconstruction
Heinz, Maria Barbara / Ghassemi, Alireza / Gerressen, Marcus / Hölzle, Frank
Supplement, Poster 814, Language: German/English
Normal emotion regulation in adults with cleft lip and palate: An exploratory study.
Gassling, Volker / Detjen, Anna-Maria / Gerber, Wolf-Dieter / Kessler, Henrik / Limbrecht-Ecklundt, Kerstin / Traue, Harald C. / Wiltfang, Jörg
Supplement, Poster 817, Language: German/English
"Wrap-Around" or Lateral Augmentation of the Mandibula with Vascular Re-Anastomosis stemming from the Fibular Bone due to Primary or Secondary Mandibular Hypoplasia (in Combination with Temporomaxillary Joint Endoprothesis)
Laterale Fibulaaugmentation für kongenital und erworbene Mandibulahypoplasie
Landes, Constantin / Hoefer, Sebastian Herbert / Teiler, Anna Maria / Blume, Maximilian / Ghanaati, Shahram / Sader, Robert
Supplement, Poster 818, Language: German/English
Osteonecrosis of the mandible after administration of denosumab (Prolia®) in a patient with primary osteoporosis
Kretschmer, Frank-Hendric Peter / Eggerath, Jobst Werner / Moll, Christine / Draenert, Guy Florian / Heymann, Paul / Neff, Andreas