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Issue 4/2014     15. Dec. 2014
15. Dec. 2014
Poster 819 - 828

Poster 819, Language: English
Dento-Skeletal Mandibular Reconstruction
Ré, Jean-Philippe / Foti, Bruno / Orthlieb, Jean-Daniel
Poster 820, Language: English
Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke Prevalence and Attitudes among Dental Faculty Staff and Students
Dicksit, Daniel Devaprakash / Gundavarapu, Kalyan C. / Mehra, Anshul / Squier, Christopher
Poster 821, Language: English
Inter-examiner Calibration Study Using ICDAS in University dental clinic
Gundavarapu, Kalyan Chakravarthy / Dicksit, Daniel / Mehra, Anshul
Poster 822, Language: English
Management of cystic defects of the lower jaw depending on cyst volume - A retrospective study
Bone grafts for cystic defects in the mandible
Stoetzer, Marcus
Poster 823, Language: English
Epigenetic characteristics in inflammatory candidate genes in aggressive periodontitis: The role of interleukin 17C
Schulz, Susanne / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Immel, Uta-Dorothee / Just, Luise / Gläser, Christiane / Reichert, Stefan
Poster 824, Language: English
Influence of Flowable Composites on Clinical Outcome of Direct Restaurations
Gernhardt, Christian Ralf / Michaelis, Mary
Poster 825, Language: English
Full-mouth profile of active MMP-8 in male periodontitis patients
Kempka, Jan Patrick / Netuschil, Lutz / Hoffmann, Thomas / Lorenz, Katrin / Khalili, Ihssan
Poster 826, Language: English
Indirect technical approach with composite Inlays/Onlays by the dentist in-office: Two clinical reports
Manarte-Monteiro, Patrícia / Gavinha, Sandra / Ribeiro, Aurea / Manso, Maria Conceição / Faria, Sandra / Martins, Tiago
Poster 827, Language: English
Self-Etch and Etch-and-Rinse adhesives in class V restorations: Clinical performance over 2-years
Faria, Sandra / Manarte-Monteiro, Patrícia / Gavinha, Sandra / Costa, Liliana / Manso, Maria Conceição
1st prize in scientific poster award Poster 828, Language: English
Sexual Dimorphism Of Mandibular Canine Teeth In A Pondicherry Population: A Radiomorphometric Study
Djeapragassam, Parimala / Bhardwaj, Nupur / Daniel, Mariappan Jonathan