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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Poster Awards

This collection lists all posters having either won the yearly DGZMK-poster-award or the Sensodyne poster-study-award or a poster-award of the international exhibition where the poster has been presented.


Poster 1224, Language: German/English
The Adhesion Behaviour of Primary Human Osteoblasts and Fibroblasts on Polyetheretherketone Versus Titanium Under Induced Inflammatory Conditions - A Pilot Study
Benz, Korbinian / Schöbel, Andreas / Dietz, Marisa / Maurer, Peter / Jackowski, Jochen
Poster 1182, Language: German/English
ROMSE - Database for Rare Diseases with Orofacial/Craniofacial Involvement
Hanisch, Marcel / Kleinheinz, Johannes / Hanisch, Lale / Jackowski, Jochen
Poster 1140, Language: English
ROMSE - A database for orofacial manifestations in patients with rare diseases and setup of a unified classification form of dysgnathia
Hanisch, Marcel / Hanisch, Lale / Danesh, Gholamreza / Kleinheinz, Johannes / Jackowski, Jochen
Poster 1114, Language: English
Randomised Controlled Clinical Study Evaluating Two Membranes for Guided Bone Regeneration
Naenni, Nadja / Schneider, David / Hämmerle, Christoph H. F. / Jung, Ronald E. / Hüsler, Jürg / Thoma, Daniel S.
EFAAD Award, best poster Poster 1060, Language: English
Comparison of Anesthetic Efficacy of 2% and 4% Articaine in Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block for Tooth Extraction
- a Double-blinded Randomised Clinical Trial
Kämmerer, Peer W. / Schneider, Daniel / Palarie, Victor / Schiegnitz, Eik / Daubländer, Monika
Poster 1024, Language: English
Influence of pH-Variation with Two Different Acids of 0.9% Saline Solution on the Corrosion Behaviour of Two Experimental Dental CoCr Alloys with the Same PRE
Schille, Christine / Hausch, Gernot / Schweizer, Ernst / Geis-Gerstorfer, Jürgen
Poster 905, Language: English
Influence of Titanium/Triceram and Zirconia/Triceram veneering thickness on biaxial bond strength
Alzahrani, Talal Mohammad / Gschwandtner, Tamara / Spintzyk, Sebastian / Schille, Christine / Geis-Gerstorfer, Jürgen
Poster 854, Language: English
Synthetic bone substitute material compared to xenogeneic material for bone tissue regeneration
Histological, histomorphometrical and clinical results (two years follow-up) from a split- mouth study in humans
Lorenz, Jonas Michael / Kubesch, Alica / Barbeck, Mike / Sader, Robert A. / Ghanaati, Shahram
Poster award for the category Biomaterials Poster 747, Language: English
A Self-Assembling Peptide with the Potential of Non-Invasive Regeneration of Early Caries Lesions
Kind, Lucy / Wuethrich, Alain / Stevanovic, Sabrina / Pieles, Uwe / Hug, Michael / Lysek, Dominikus A.
Poster 737, Language: English
Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization in Extraction Sites with Severe Gingival Recessions: A Case Series with 1 to 5-Year Follow-up
(Poster with integrated video: 28 MB file size)
Nölken, Robert / Oberhansl, Fabienne / Kunkel, Martin / Wagner, Wilfried
Poster 643, Language: English
Influence of the variable age for long-term tooth retention after 15 years of periodontal supportive therapy (SPT)
Kahl, Maren / Schützhold, Svenja / Springer, Claudia / El-Sayed, Karim Fawzy / Rühling, Andreas / Kocher, Thomas / Dörfer, Christof E. / Graetz, Christian
Poster 608, Language: English
N-Methyl Pyrrolidone Promotes Osteoblast Differentiation Impaired by Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Malina-Altzinger, Johann / Ghayor, Chafik / Grätz, Klaus W. / Weber, Franz E.
Poster 550, Language: English
Interleukin-4RA 1902 A/G polymorphism in relation to aggressive and chronic periodontitis
Reichert, Stefan / Stein, Jamal M. / Klapproth, Jana / Zimmermann, Uta / Reichert, Yvonne / Gläser, Christiane / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Schulz, Susanne
Poster 495, Language: English
Comparison of two different commercially available test kits to detect periodontal pathogens
Cosgarea, Raluca/Bäumer, Amelie/Zimmermann, Nils/Kim, Ti-Sun
Poster 454, Language: German
Immunhistochemische Untersuchungen immunkompetenter Zellen im chronisch osteomyelitischen Kieferknochen
Nolting, Tim/Wermker, Kai/Joos, Ulrich/Kleinheinz, Johannes
Poster 449, Language: English
Structure design examinations of 3-dimensional textile scaffolds using for tissue engineering in vitro
Bäumchen, Frank/Gräber, Hans-Georg/Koch, Daniel
Poster 430, Language: English
Molecular detection of periodontopathic bacteria in synovial fluid
Schulz, Susanne/Keyßer, Gernot/Schäfer, Christoph/John, Vera/Haffner, Maximilian/Krause, Katja/Schaller, Hans-Günter/Gläser, Christiane/Reichert, Stefan
Poster 391, Language: English
Retention performance of magnetic attachments on dental implants
Boeckler, Arne F./Ehring, Carolin/Setz, Jürgen M.
Poster 397, Language: English
Dental magnetic systems as prosthetic attachments on retained roots
Ehring, Carolin/Boeckler, Arne F./Setz, Jürgen M.
Poster 357, Language: English
A radiographic evaluation of apical root resorption following intrusion therapy
Steffen, Wibke/Röhling, Johannes/Schwestka-Polly, Rainer
Poster 334, Language: English
Finite Element Simulation of the Human Mandible: The Influence of the PDL on its Structural Behaviour
Kober, Cornelia/Stübinger, Stefan/Erdmann, Bodo/Hellmich, Christian/Radtke, Thomas/Sader, Robert/Zeilhofer, Hans-Florian
Poster 339, Language: English
Is the genetic background of the proinflammatory cytokine TNF-α a predictor for the development of aggressive and/or chronic periodontitis?
Schulz, Susanne/Machulla, Helmut/Klapproth, Jana/Zimmermann, Uta/Schaller, Hans-Günter/Altermann, Wolfgang/Reichert, Stefan
Poster 257, Language: German
Faktoren der lokalen Immunabwehr im Speichel im Zusammenhang mit Karies
Juranek, Brigitta/Winkler, Octavia/Hadnagy, Wolfgang/Idel, Helga
DGZMK/Dentsply/BZÄK Förderpreis Poster 266, Language: German
Die Fibrinmembran als Scaffold für ein rein autologes Bone Tissue Engineering
Nolting, Tim/Szuwart, Thomsas/Wiesmann, Hans-Peter/Joos, Ulrich/Kleinheinz, Johannes
Poster 226, Language: English
Pulp fibroblasts and dental materials - an In-vitro-study
Korneli, Nicole/Preußker, Susann/Klimm, Wolfgang
Poster 215, Language: English
Age Threshold for the Association of Periodontitis with Ischemic Stroke
Dörfer, Christof E./Kaiser, Claudia/Becher, Heiko/Buggle, Florian/Lichy, Christoph/Ziegler, Christoph
Poster 194, Language: English
Treatment of gustatory sweating with botulinum toxin: A prospective study on long-term efficiacy and quality of life
Eulzer, Christopher/Teltzrow, Thomas/Küttner, Christian
Poster 124, Language: English
Quality of life of head and neck cancer patients during and after therapy
Hertrampf, Katrin/Wenz, Hans-Jürgen/Koller, Michael/Lorenz, Wilfried/Lehmann, Klaus M.
Poster 64, Language: English
RH 414 a New Dye to stain non - Decalcified Bone Tissue
Meyle, Joerg/Knoblauch, Michael/Roessler, Ralf/Anil, Ata
Posterpreis Poster 55, Language: English
New Aspects concerning X-ray Protection - Dose Reduction versus Diagnostic Information?
Segerath, Catrin/Stamm, Thomas/Renger, Bernhard/Ehmer, Ulrike/Heindel, Walter L.

Poster Awards:

Best Poster Award (medical Sciences Including Physiology) Poster 2295, Language: English
Clinical Profile of Oral Submucous Fibrosis in Tertiary Care Centre - A Retrospective Study
Sadaksharam, Jayachandran
First Prize Poster 2302, Language: English
Comparative Analysis of Peroxygen Powdered System for Rapid Disinfection of Gutta-Percha Cones
Thomas, James / Borthakur, Bikash J.
Selected for presentation under ISCA Best Poster Award Programme 2019-2020 Poster 2272, Language: English
Oral Health Status and Dental Treatment Needs of Geriatric Patients in Tertiary Dental Care Hospital - a Retrospective Study
Jayachandran, Sadaksharam / Shilpa, Shree Kuduva Ramesh
Best poster prize, second place Poster 2273, Language: English
Wilson's Curves: Evaluation of a New Method Measuring Frontal Convergence of the Dental Axis
Créhange, Florian / Orthlieb, Jean-Daniel / Ré, Jean-Philippe
First prize in Poster Presentation Competition (Review) Poster 2280, Language: English
Contemporary Local Drug Delivery & Adjunctive Agents Used in Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy
Tan, Oi Leng / Razali, Masfueh / Safii, Syarida Hasnur
Meritorious award for poster competition-research Poster 2169, Language: English
Age-related PDL Cell Proliferation after Different Durations of Orthodontic Loading
Nakdilok, Kittitat / Suzuki, Boonsiva / Suzuki, Eduardo Yugo
Best poster presentation Poster 2171, Language: English
Flip Side: Children and Pocket Money
Kripalani, Manisha Gopaldas / Panda, Anup Kumar / Trivedi, Krishna Avinash / Kathiria, Hitakshi Prakashbhai / Sudani, Priyank Kanubhai
Prémio OMD/Pierre Fabre Supplement, Poster 2239, Language: English
Differential Diagnosis of HPV-related Oral Lesions - Case Series
Cabrita, Joana / De Macedo, Diana / Louraço, Ana / Freitas, Filipe / Caramês, João
Poster Audience Award Supplement, Poster 2118, Language: English
3D-printed Polyurethane-based Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration
a Pilot Study
Stuani, Vitor Toledo / Nagai, Masazumi / Chen, Chia Yu / Shen, Yu Fan / Chen, Yi Wen / Kim, David Minjoon
The first place clinical award Poster 2168, Language: English
A New Classification of Surgical Guides for Crown Lengthening
Liu, Xiaoqiang
Third best poster (in the category: Poster Presentation) Poster 2086, Language: English
Atypical Metastization of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma to the Mandible - Case Report
Guedes, Manuel Pedro Pacheco Moreira / Milheiro, F. / Pires-Gonçalves, C. / Rolo, D. / Reis, J. / Figueiredo Dias, A.
Certificate of excellence Poster 2076, Language: English
The Melodious Dentistry
Where words fail, music speaks
Shukla, Apoorva / GV, Usha / Lakshminarayan, Nagesh
Certificate of excellence Poster 2087, Language: English
Knowledge, Practice, and Opinions Regarding Periodontal Disease in Diabetic Patients Among Medical Officers in Perak
Tan, Oi Leng / Nachiappan, Indra / Ong, Kai Xuan
Best Poster Award 26th National Conference of Indian Association Of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists Poster 1248, Language: English
Liquid-Based Cytology and Cell Block - Novel Techniques to Augment the Diagnosis
Narwal, Anjali / Kamboj, Mala / Anupama / Sharma, Gitika
Tony Costello Award 2018 Poster 1249, Language: English
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviour Regarding the Infant Oral Health Visit
Are dentists in Ireland aware of the recommendation for a visit to the dentist by age 1 year?
Bowen, Alice / Djokic, Jelena / Dooa, Jeeven / Kahatab, Rawan / Kumagai, Tatiana / McKee, Katherine / Tan, Cornelius / FitzGerald, Kirsten / Duane, Brett / Sagheri, Darius
Best oral communication of clinical cases Supplement, Poster 2019, Language: English
Regenerative Endodontic Treatment with the Use of L-PRF®
Melo-Ferraz, Antonio / Silva, Joana Borges / Santos, Carolina Borges / Jacques, Inês / Miller, Paulo Cruz
First price of oral communication for investigation research Supplement, Poster 2021, Language: English
Relationship Between Dental Caries and BMI Among NGO-PSE's Children in Cambodia
Manac'h, Justine / Frias Bulhosa, Jose / Silva, Raquel
Clinical Poster Award Supplement, Poster 2046, Language: English
Osteogenic Distraction - Clinical Case
Lopes, Margarida / Francisco, Inês / Lucas, António / Roseiro, Ana / Ferreira, Sandra / do Vale, Francisco Fernandes
OMD/Pierre Fabre Supplement, Poster 2049, Language: English
Antioxidant Agents on Bond Strength of Bonded Bleached Teeth: Literature Review
Lobo, Sofia Costa Lima / Caetano Santos, Inês / Delgado, António / Mendes, José João
1st Prize - Oral Video Comunication Supplement, Poster 2052, Language: English
Peri-implantitis Surgical Treatment with Xenograft and L-PRF
Martins, Orlando / Matos, Sérgio
Poster Competition 1st prize, Pre-clinical research Supplement, Poster 1220, Language: English
Influence of Uv-light and Non-thermal Plasma on Rough Titanium Surfaces in Vitro
Smeets, Ralf / Cacaci, Claudio / Heuberger, Roman / Heinrich, Oliver / Hartjen, Philip / Hanken, Henning / Precht, Clarissa / Henningsen, Anders
Poster Competition - Case Report 1st Prize Supplement, Poster 1222, Language: English
Management of Extractions Sites - a New Approach for Compromised Conditions in the Posterior Maxilla
Beniashvili, Roman / Kern, Bastian
Session's best poster award Poster 1237, Language: English
A Clinico-hematological Appraisal of Aggressive and Generalized Chronic Periodontitis
Hematological Appraisal of Periodontitis
Makkar, Vanshika / Narwal, Anjali / Kamboj, Mala / Raman, Rahul Kumar
2nd Prize for Best original research category Poster 1238, Language: English
Characterisation and Physico-Chemical Evaluation of a Novel Glass Ionomer Nano Zirconia- Silica- Hydroxyapatite Hybrid Material
Wan Bakar, Wan Zaripah / Sajjad, Arbaz / Mohamad, Dasmawati / Kannan, T. P.
First prize on E-poster presentation Poster 1241, Language: English
Evaluation of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders with Autoflorescence, Reflectance Spectroscopy, and Vital Staining and Their Correlation with Histopathology - a Hospital-based Pilot Study
Sharma, Deepa / Rimal, Jyotsna / Maharjan, Iccha Kumar / Shrestha, Ashish / Shrestha, Ashish / Regmee, Pragya / Luitel, Abhinaya / Adhikari, Sagar
Best poster award (first place) Poster 1226, Language: English
Discolouration Blues After Disinfection: A Hard Nut To Crack???
Meenakshi, V. / Somya / Bharti, Ramesh / Tikku, Aseem Prakash / Chandra, Anil
Sesson's Best Poster Award Poster 1233, Language: English
Salivary Trace Elements as Biochemical Markers of Recurrent Apthous Stomatitis
Sharma, Pooja / Kamboj, Mala / Narwal, Anjali / Makkar, Vanshika
des PEERS-Förderpreises in der Kategorie Fallpräsentation Poster 1192, Language: German/English
Augmentation of a Complex Defect Situation in the Upper Front with ReOss® and Astra Profile EV®
Sagheb, Keyvan / Halft, Marcus / Wagner, Wilfried
Best poster award (first place) Poster 1184, Language: English
Motion Kinematics in Endodontics - An Analytical Study
From Confusion to Conclusion
Koteeswaran, Vishnupriya / Natanasabapathy, Velmurugan / Kowsky, Dinesh / Surendran, Smita
Best oral communication of research Supplement, Poster 1152, Language: English
The influence of biomaterials in reparative dentinogenesis
Paula, Anabela / Laranjo, Mafalda / Marto, Miguel / Coelho, Ana / Abrantes, Margarida / Casalta, João / Gonçalves, Cristina / Sarmento-Ribeiro, Anabela / Ferreira, Manuel / Botelho, Filomena / Carrilho, Eunice
Was the Winner of the best Clinical Poster Supplement, Poster 1154, Language: English
Clinical cases showing aesthetics after bimaxillary surgery on skeletal class II patients
Bettencourt Lucas, António / Guimarães, Adriana / Roseiro, Ana / Maló, Luísa / Vale Fernandes, Francisco
Best investigation poster Supplement, Poster 1156, Language: English
Minocycline-releasing PMMA for craniofacial bone reconstruction
In vitro characterization
Silva, Tiago / Grenho, Liliana / Barros, Joana / Silva, José / Pinto, Rosana / Colaço, Bruno / Fernandes, Helena / Bettencourt, Ana / Gomes, Pedro
Prémio OMD/Pierre Fabre 2017: Comunicação Oral de Casos Clínico Supplement, Poster 1164, Language: English
Differential diagnosis of radiopaque maxillary lesions
A serie of cases
Cabrita, Joana / Macedo, Diana de / Louraço, Ana / Freitas, Filipe / Caramês, João
Melhor comunicação oral em vídeo Supplement, Poster 1165, Language: Portuguese/English
Bone regeneration of the maxilla with blocks of xenogenic origin
Case report
Correia, Francisco / Felino, Antonio / Pozza, Daniel Humberto / Gouveia, Sonia / Almeida, Ricardo Faria
Best Review Poster Supplement, Poster 1179, Language: English
Etiology and treatment of gummy smile
Literature review
Pereira, Dinis / Fernandes, Margarida / Gonçalves, Silvia / Retto, Paulo / Delgado, Ana
Best Poster Award - Third Place Poster 1145, Language: English
Optimisation in multi-implant placement for completely edentulous mandibles
Ré, Jean-Philippe / Orthlieb, Jean-Daniel
Best E-Poster award Poster 1137, Language: English
Influence of Television Advertisements on Purchasing Behaviour and its Impact on Caries Prevalence Among School Children of Bangalore City
M., V. Harshitha / Eshwar, Shruthi / Srivastava, B. K. / Jain, Vipin / Rao, Rekha / Swamy, Madhu Nirajan
3rd best poster presentation Poster 1129, Language: English
Titanium or Zirconium?
Clinical Assessment of Primary Implant Stability
Tattan, Mustafa / Kokovic, Vladimir
PEERS Poster Preis für die beste Fallpräsentation Poster 1111, Language: German/English
Patient-specific Augmentation With Individualised CAD/CAM Titanium Mesh
Sagheb, Keyvan / Schenk, W. / Moergel, M. / Al-Nawas, B. / Walter, C. / Wagner, W.
Prémio OMD/Pierre Fabre 2016: Comunicação Oral de Caso Clínico Supplement, Poster 1076, Language: English
Differential Diagnosis of Single Pigmented Lesions of the Oral Mucosa: A Case Series
Macedo, Diana de / Cabrita, Joana / Louraço, Ana / Freitas, Filipe / Caramês, João
Best Oral Communication Of Literature Review Supplement, Poster 1106, Language: English
Dental Stem Cells: A Literature Review
Freitas, Joana / Sequeira, Diana / Martins, João / Palma, Paulo da / Santos, João Miguel dos
Best Clinical cases poster Supplement, Poster 1107, Language: English
Indirect Resin Composite in Anterior Rehabilitation (Pressed Resin)
Argolinha, Inês / Rua, João / Machado, Vanessa / Botelho, João / Antunes, Maria João
Best Oral Communication of Research Supplement, Poster 1108, Language: English
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures with Scaffolds in Immature Teeth with Apical Periodontitis
Palma, Paulo Jorge / Ramos, João Carlos / Martins, João / Viegas, Carlos / Santos, João Miguel
Ankylos Posterpreis 2016 Supplement, Poster 1064, Language: German/English
Pilot a New Safety System for Implant Placement Using 3D High Precision Ultrasound
Scharfe, Sebastian / Ludwig, Arwed
Ankylos Poster- and Videoprice 2016 Supplement, Poster 1069, Language: German/English
Definitive Abutments and Final Bridge Already for the Reopening Even in the Anterior Upper Jaw With WeldOne Encoding
Petschelt, Friedemann / Kraußeneck, Thomas
Winner Category "Edentulous upper/lower jaw" Supplement, Poster 1071, Language: English
Immediate Loading of Intraorally Welded Short Implants
Albiero, Alberto Maria / Benato, Andrea / Benato, Renato
3rd Prize Supplement, Poster 1029, Language: English
The Effect of Abutment Materials on Peri-implant Soft and Hard Tissue Level - Three Years Follow-up
Ueda, Kazuhiko / Ozawa, Makoto / Hiroyasu, Kazuhiko / Seto, Munetsugu / Katsuta, Yasuhiro / Shinohara, Ryusuke / Watanabe, Fumihiko
First Price /Poster Competition Supplement, Poster 1030, Language: English
Neurophysiological Changes after Implant Placement Associated with Augmentation Procedures
Hartmann, Amely / Welte-Jyzk, Claudia / Seiler, Marcus / Daubländer, Monika
Best poster Poster 1059, Language: English
Impact of Dental Caries on Oral Health-related Quality of Life Among 3 to 5-Year-old Preschoolers in Rohtak City, Haryana
Ghanghas, Mamta / Manjunath, B. C. / Adarsh, Kumar
EFAAD Award, best poster Poster 1060, Language: English
Comparison of Anesthetic Efficacy of 2% and 4% Articaine in Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block for Tooth Extraction
- a Double-blinded Randomised Clinical Trial
Kämmerer, Peer W. / Schneider, Daniel / Palarie, Victor / Schiegnitz, Eik / Daubländer, Monika
Ist Prize- Best Poster Award Poster 1018, Language: English
The Role of Pictorial Health Warning Labels (HWLs) in Controlling and Preventing Tobacco Habits - A Systematic Review
Saumya, Singh / Manjunath, B. C. / Adarsh, Kumar
CONFERENCE CERTIFICATE Poster 1025, Language: English
A Novel Approach to Obtaining Adequate Soft Tissue Coverage with Immediate Implant Placement
Case Report
Alqutaibi, Ahmed Yaseen / Zekry, Khaled / Fayad, Ahmed / Radi, Iman
Consolation Prize Poster 989, Language: English
Nodular Fasciitis - Report of a Rare Case
Dasgupta, Paulami / MP, Shamshad / Kamath, Geetha / HS, Srikanth / Babshet, Medha / Doddamani, Lakshmi
Best Poster Award Poster 990, Language: English
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Periodontal Health & Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Amongst Expecting Mothers of Pune City, Maharashtra India: a Questionnaire Study
Awareness of Pregnant Women Regarding Oral Health and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome.
Ravishankar, Chaitra Telgi / S., Wagh / Seema, C. / Naveen, M. / Harsimran, K. / Ashish, S.
poster certificate Poster 993, Language: English
Retrieval of Cement-Retained Implant Bridge: a Case Report
Alfahd, Adnan / Farouk, Mohamed / Radi, Iman
Dentsply Förderpreis. 2. Platz in der Kategorie klinische Studien. Poster 984, Language: German/English
Parallel Study about the Effects of Psychotherapy on Patients with Dental Phobia Determined by Anxiety Scores and Saliva Secretion and Composition
Arnold, Wolfgang H. / Faber, S. / Naumova, E. A. / Lindner, P. / Wannemüller, A. / Sandulescu, T. / Jöhren, P.
1. Platz im DGZMK / BZÄK / DENTSPLY Förderpreis im Bereich Grundlagenforschung Poster 985, Language: German/English
Isolation of Dentin Matrix Proteins and the Effect on Human Pulp Cells
Widbiller, Matthias
Póster Casos Clinicos Supplement, Poster 937, Language: English
Multiple Root Coverage in a Patient With Periodontis - Clinical Case
Moreno, Ana Raquel / Monteiro, Patricia Manarte / Carvalho, Alexandrine / Gavinha, Sandra / Oliveira, Hélder
THE BEST POSTER OF RESEARCH Supplement, Poster 944, Language: English
Dimensional Change of Two Addition Silicones
Lisboa Santos, S. / Martins, F. / Saraiva, F. / Machuca, M. / Maurício, P.
XXIV Congresso Nacional da Ordem dos Médicos dentistas Supplement, Poster 945, Language: Portuguese/English
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: Prevalence in a Group of Portuguese Children
Molar Incisor hipomeralization
Barbosa, C. / Barroso, J. / Silva Carvalho, C. / Andrade, C. / Silva Cardoso, C.
The winner author of the best oral communication of clinical cases Supplement, Poster 946, Language: English
Micro-Invasive Treatment with Resin Infiltration Technique- an Option?
Rocha, Ligia Lopes / Torres, Orlanda / Garcez, Joana
Best Poster of Literature Review. Supplement, Poster 952, Language: English
Prevention of Dental Caries: When to Start?
Systematic Review of Literature
Vitorino, Fátima / Frias-Bulhosa, José / Martins, Alice
Best oral-video communication Supplement, Poster 970, Language: English
Osteogenic Distraction Using a Dental-Anchored Distractor
Vale, Francisco Fernandes / Queiroga, Joana / Scherzberg, Jessica / Maló Abreu, Luísa / Ferreira, Artur
Carol A. Lefebvre Scientific Poster Award Poster 931, Language: English
Orthodontic Extrusion for Pre-Implant Site Enhancement: Principles and Guidelines
Alsahhaf, Abdulaziz / Strub, Jörg / Att, Wael
Best Poster of the Session Poster 899, Language: English
Mouth Watering But Erosive: A comparative evaluation of pH of Indian spices
Verma, Jayeeta / Padhye, Leena / Verma, Sidharth
Prémio do melhor Poster (Best Poster Presentation) Poster 876, Language: English
Effects of rhythm of distraction osteogenesi on sagittal mandibular lengthening
Vale, Francisco Fernandes / Amaral, Miguel / Veiga, Germano / Caramelo, Francisco / Viegas, Carlos / Cabrita, Silvério / Maló-Abreu, João
Best Poster Poster 855, Language: English
Wonders of Laser-Lok
Radiographic analysis of crestal bone levels around Laser-Lok implants as compared with identical non treated implants
Doshi, Shreya Bharat / Jain, Sanjay A. / Muglikar, Sangeeta
Tagungsbestpreis 2013 für das beste wissenschaftliche Poster Poster 858, Language: English
MRI Findings in Muscles of Mastication in Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)
Goedicke, Nikolas / Janko, Steffani / Lauer, Hans-Christoph
Best Poster of Clinical Cases Supplement, Poster 843, Language: Portuguese/English
Orthodontic extrusion and implant rehabilitation in the esthetic zone - case report
Orthodontic extrusion and implant rehabilitation
Correia, Francisco / Falcão, Carlos / Pinho, Mónica Morado / Faria eAlmeida, Ricardo
Best Poster of Research Supplement, Poster 847, Language: English
Histological And Histomorphometric Assessment Of Tooth Borne Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis
Vale, Francisco Fernandes
2-nd Place Supplement, Poster 795, Language: English
Comparative ultrasound assessment of keratinized gingiva thickness around implants after the augmentation treatment in esthetic zone-preliminary results
Puzio, Monika / Błaszczyszyn, Artur / Dominiak, Marzena
CAMLOG Foundation Poster Competition 2014 - First Prize Supplement, Poster 796, Language: English
Platform switching versus platform matching
Two-years results from a prospective randomized-controlled multicenter study
Rocha, Salomao / Wagner, Wilfried / Wiltfang, Jörg / Guerra, Fernando / Moergel, Maximilian / Behrens, Eleonore / Nicolau, Pedro
Poster Competition 3rd Prize Supplement, Poster 800, Language: English
Clinical and radiographic outcome of Camlog implants in partially edentulous cases after an observation period of 10 years.
Vanlioglu, Burcin / Özkan, Yaşar / Kulak-Özkan, Yasemin
Poster Award Supplement, Poster 766, Language: German/English
Periimplantitis or periimplantary squamous cell carcinoma
A severe problem of clinical differential diagnosis
Lautwein, Anke / Singh, Daman D. / Spitzer, Wolfgang J. / Holtmann, Henrik
Poster Award, Category: Case Report Supplement, Poster 783, Language: German/English
Auricular Reconstruction Using an Anterior Pedicled Retroauriculat Flap
Auricular Reconstruction
Heinz, Maria Barbara / Ghassemi, Alireza / Gerressen, Marcus / Hölzle, Frank
1st prize in scientific poster award Poster 828, Language: English
Sexual Dimorphism Of Mandibular Canine Teeth In A Pondicherry Population: A Radiomorphometric Study
Djeapragassam, Parimala / Bhardwaj, Nupur / Daniel, Mariappan Jonathan
Best Poster Poster 754, Language: English
Effect of UV Stabilizers on Color Stability of Maxillofacial Silicone Elastomers
Sethi, Tania Sanjeev / Kheur, Mohit
Best Poster Award Poster 759, Language: English
A Descriptive Clinical Study to Stratify Incisal Translucency Patterns
Venkatesh, Shivani / Wajid Najma Hajira, Noor Saira / Vishwas, B. V. / Santosh, Ashwini / Usha, H. L. / Mehta, Deepak
Bronze Medal Poster 742, Language: English
The assessment of serum lipid level among a sample of kuantan patients with periodontal diseases
Wisam Kamil, Lina Al Bayati, Suhailah Ali
Kamil, Wisam Alaa / Al-Bayati, Lina Hilal / Ali, Suhaila Mohamed
Poster award for the category Biomaterials Poster 747, Language: English
A Self-Assembling Peptide with the Potential of Non-Invasive Regeneration of Early Caries Lesions
Kind, Lucy / Wuethrich, Alain / Stevanovic, Sabrina / Pieles, Uwe / Hug, Michael / Lysek, Dominikus A.
Best Student Poster Presentation Poster 748, Language: English
Remineralisation of carious lesions by self-assembled peptide supramolecular networks
Stevanovic, Sabrina / Kind, Lucy / Wuethrich, Alain / Porta, Fabiola / Frommherz, Anna-Lisa / Deyle, H. / Müller, B. / Pieles, Uwe / Hug, Michael / Lysek, Dominikus A.
Poster Award Supplement, Poster 705, Language: English
Minimally invasive cleft palate repair using injectable hydrogels
Comparison between the novel procedure (the injection/adhesion technique) and the traditional 2-flap palatoplasty
Martínez-Álvarez, Concepción / González-Meli, Beatriz / Berenguer, Beatriz / Paradas-Lara, Irene / López-Gordillo, Yamila / Martinez-Sanz, Elena
Poster Contest Poster 736, Language: English
In vitro evaluation of the adhesive strength of a luting agent for passive fitting of implant prostheses.
Musante, Bruno / Migliorati, Marco / Menini, Maria / Pera, Paolo
Best Poster Presentation Poster 721, Language: English
Fibrohistiocytic Tumors of the Oral cavity - A way to go about
Lavanya, Samraj / Sriram, Kaliamoorthy / Ramesh, Venkatapathy / Nirima, Oza
Poster Award Poster 649, Language: English
Salivary Biosensors: Diagnosing the Nano-Way
Mahima, Guledgud V. / Patil, Karthikeya / Verma, Saumya
2nd best poster award Poster 636, Language: English
Inter-operator reliability of overlay generation techniques in bite mark analysis
Khatri, Mihir / Mariappan, Jonathan Daniel
2. Posterpreis Poster 599, Language: German
Klinische Studie zur Evaluierung eines qualitativen aMMP-8 Chairside Tests
Lorenz, Katrin / Bruhn, Gerlinde / Freitag, Anne / Netuschil, Lutz / Hoffmann, Thomas
Jahresbestpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zahnerhaltungskunde (3. Platz Poster) Poster 577, Language: German
Der Einfluss von zwei Desensitizern auf die Scherfestigkeiten von Keramiken auf Dentin
Bekes, Katrin / Brandt, Karolin / Scholz, Petra / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Gernhardt, Christian Ralf
Silver Poster 582, Language: English
Constriction with Conviction
Patni, Pallav Mahesh / Manoj, Chandak / Ghonmode, W. N. / Amit, Heda / Patni Mona, Jain
1st Best Poster Prize Poster 588, Language: English
Stem Cells - A new Generation of Regeneration
Garima, Makked / Kumar, C. Anand
Silver Medal Poster 555, Language: English
A New Dental Material for Remineralisation of Caries Lesion Used as a Root Canal Sealer
Mustafa, Ammar A. / Al-Khateeb, Khalid A. S. / Ismail, Ahmad Faris
Best National Paper Presentation Poster 567, Language: English
Hot shots - Thermographic imaging
Pramod, Gujjar Vittoba Rao / Lele, Shailesh / Sujata, G. P.
First Prize Poster 568, Language: English
Dental Caries - An Ever Expanding Horizon
Jahagirdar, Abhishek / Mujib B. R., Ahmed / G. Kulkarni, Pavan
Certificate Poster 569, Language: English
Soman, Cristalle / Ashok, Lingappa
Award for the best poster presentation Poster 549, Language: English
Mesiodens in monozygotic male twins, Mesiodens bei monozygoten männlichen Zwillingen
Meißner, Simon / Ebhardt, Harald / Schmidt-Westhausen, Andrea Maria
Award for the best poster Poster 554, Language: English
Ultrasonography - it's revival in dentistry
Vishnuprashad, Aniruddh Yashwant / Agrawal, Arti / Mariappan, Jonathan Daniel
Poster-Award for the best poster of the congress Poster 522, Language: English
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy (ESR) of albumin for diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma - a pilot study
Kämmerer, Peer W. / Moergel, Maximilian / Schnurr, Kerstin / Klein, Marcus Oliver / Bemsch, Andreas / Al-Nawas, Bilal
Poster Award Poster 524, Language: German
Komplexe kaufunktionelle Rehabilitation einer neurologisch geschädigten Patientin mit Hilfe des BIOMET 3i Encode® Abformsystems
Steck, Florian / Schweizer, Marc / Kehrer, Frank / Jeggle, Ulrich
Best Poster Presentation Poster 507, Language: English
Plasma Bleaching 'Having a Whiter Future'
Sood, Ravi / Shetty, Shashit / Hans, Manoj Kumar / Nayak, Gurudutt
Best poster (Research category) Poster 511, Language: English
Effect of Er:YAG laser beam angle and focal distance on the ultrastructural morphology of enamel
Irani, Rukshin S./Thukral, Naresh/Sathe, Sucheta/Hegde, Vivek
awarded as best poster Poster 512, Language: English
Lightening whitening for your dazzling pearls
Shakya, Vijay Kumar/Chandra, Anil
2nd place in the Patient Presentation Poster, Senior Clinican, Nobel-Active in severe case of periodontal disease Poster 502, Language: English
Nobel-Active in severe case of periodontal disease
Nilius, Manfred/Nilius, Mirela-Oana/Nikolic, Simone/Nikolic, Robert/Arentz, Jochen
Bernd-Spiessl-Award: best Student Poster Poster 503, Language: English
Improving interactive learning in dental education
Sagheb, Keyvan/Schulz, Peter/Bemsch, Andreas/Al-Nawas, Bilal
1.Preis Poster 486, Language: English
Nondestructive Visualization of Demineralization using µCT-Synchrotron Radiation
Lautensack, Julia/Gräber, Hans-Georg
2. Posterpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Parodontologie Poster 489, Language: German
Der Einfluss von SNPs im CD14- und TLR4-Gen auf die subgingivale Besiedlung mit Pardontopathogenen
Schulz, Susanne/Klapproth, Jana/Zimmermann, Uta/Reichert, Yvonne/Stein, Jamal M./Gläser, Christiane/Schaller, Hans-Günter/Reichert, Stefan
1. Posterpreis 2008 Poster 492, Language: German
Kostenaufwand der unterstützenden Parodontitistherapie
Pretzl, Bernadette/Eickholz, Peter/Kaltschmitt, Jens/Wiedemann, Denise
Poster Award Poster 477, Language: English
Mechanical Properties of Heat-curing Resins by Stress-Strain Diagrams
Bortun, Cristina Maria/Faur, Nicolae/Cernescu, Anghel/Porojan, Sorin/Sandu, Liliana
Bestes Poster eines Nichthabiliterten Poster 468, Language: German
Vergleich der periimplantären Situation zwischen Steg- und Kugelkopf-retinierten Totalprothesen
Lachmann, Stefan/Kimmerle-Müller, Evi/Gehring, Kristina/Axmann, Detlef/Higuchi, Daisuke/Haas, Robert/Weber, Heiner
AEEDC Dubai 2009 Poster Award, 2nd Price Poster 470, Language: English
SEM study on dentin/resin interface in primary teeth
Yoonis, Emaan/Matoušek, Aleš/Kukletová, Martina
Poster Award Poster 458, Language: German
IL-1 Polymorphismen und Häufigkeit parodontale Leitkeime bei Patienten mit akutem Myokardinfarkt (AMI)
Stein, Jamal M./Conrads, Georg/Chrobot, Jaroslaw/Scheidt, Wolfgang von/Lampert, Friedrich/Kuch, Bernhard/Said-Yekta, Sareh
Poster Award Poster 448, Language: English
About the importance of odontological documentation of ante-mortem details of two soldiers killed in World War II
A contribution of the German Academy of Forensic Odontostomatology
Kirsch, Hans-Peter
Best poster in infection category Poster 438, Language: English
Mucormycosis - A case report
Ramdas, Naik Shantala/Lingappa, Ashok
The second place of the outstanding presentations Poster 425, Language: English
C-6-S Levels in PMICF under Orthodontic Forces
Intachai, Imjai/Jotikasthira, Dhirawat/Suzuki, Boonsiva/Suzuki, Eduardo Yugo/Krisanaprakornkit, Suttichai/Kongtawelert, Prachya
1. Posterpreis 2007 Poster 428, Language: German
Patientenbezogene Langzeitergebnisse 10 Jahre nach parodontaler Therapie
Pretzl, Bernadette/Kaltschmitt, Jens/Berbig, Janet/Eickholz, Peter
Outstanding Poster Award - 1st place Poster 431, Language: English
Biomecanical evaluation of miniscrew implants in vitro
Suzuki, Boonsiva/Suzuki, Eduardo Yugo/Doungsaard, Kanchana/Prasoothavee, Prakarn/Thong-ngarm, Weeranuch/Chuensombat, Sorapong/Janhom, Apirum
2. Platz Dentsply Förderpreis Poster 418, Language: German
Klinische Untersuchung zur medikamenteninduzierten vs. strahlentechnischen Speicheldrüsenschonung
Hey, Jeremias/Gerlach, Reinhard/Kuhnt, Thomas/Gernhardt, Christian Ralf
Bestes Poster eines Nichthabilitierten Poster 381, Language: German
Retrospektive Longitudinalstudie über die langfristige klinische Bewährung Teleskopprothesen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Instandhaltungskosten
Rehmann, Peter/Weber, Andrea/Balkenhol, Markus/Wöstmann, Bernd/Ferger, Paul
Poster Award Poster 382, Language: English
Prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with scleroderma- induced microstomia: a clinical report
Jivanescu, Anca/Bratu, Dorin/Negrutiu, Meda
Senior Poster Award Poster 359, Language: English
The 'Implant Guided Palatinal Distractor (IGPD)'
Nilius, Manfred/Nilius, Mirela-Oana/Goeken, Rainhard/Eggharter, Iurii/Zahn, Torsten/Haugwitz, Georg/Bouhjar, Nabil Ben
IADR CED Travel Stipend Award Poster 360, Language: English
Tri-axial Accelerometric Analysis of Dynamic Patterns of Mandibular Movements
Pelivan, Ivica/Valentic-Peruzovic, Melita/Michieli, Ivan/Dubravic, Amir/Catic, Amir/Alajbeg, Iva/Illes, Davor
Bestes Poster eines Nichthabilitierten Poster 362, Language: German
Retrospektive Longitudinalstudie über die Bewährung von Freiendteleskopen mit ausschließlicher Verankerung auf den Unterkiefereckzähnen
Rehmann, Peter/Schmitt-Plank, Cathrin/Balkenhol, Markus/Wöstmann, Bernd/Ferger, Paul
Poster Award Fallpräsentation, 2. Preis Poster 364, Language: English
Aesthetic and functional Rehabilitation of the face using dental and facial implants
Nilius, Manfred/Anastase, Jana/Goeken, Rainhard/Zahn, Torsten/Nilius, Mirela-Oana/Gherbali, Iurii
CARS 2005 Poster Award, 2nd Prize Poster 329, Language: English
Validation of interdependency between inner structure visualization and structural mechanics simulation
Kober, Cornelia/Erdmann, Bodo/Hellmich, Christian/Sader, Robert/Zeilhofer, Hans-Florian
Posterpreis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Parodontologie Poster 299, Language: German
Die Serum-CRP-Konzentration vor und nach Parodontitis-Therapie
Zahn, Bernhard/Schacher, Beate/Oremek, Gerhard/Sauer-Eppel, Hildegund/Ratka-Krüger, Petra
Best awarded poster presentation Poster 301, Language: English
Is the lateral pterygoid muscle palpable?
Stelzenmüller, Wolfgang/Weber, Dominic/Özkan, Volkan/Freesmeyer, Wolfgang B./Umstadt, Horst
2. Posterpreis Poster 303, Language: German
Funktionelle Ergebnisse 6 Monate nach intraoraler endoskopisch assistierter Versorgung von dislozierten Kollumfakturen
Schön, Ralf/Gellrich, Nils-Claudius/Schramm, Alexander/Schmelzeisen, Rainer
Best Poster of Conference Poster 277, Language: English
Durability of Bonds between Luting Cements and High-Gold-Content Alloy
Piwowarczyk, Andree/Zatorska, Karina/Lindemann, Klaus/Lauer, Hans-Christoph
ConsEuro-GABA-Poster-Award (3rd place) Poster 273, Language: English
Cleaning efficacy of interdental brushes in different interdental space types
Jörß, Daniela/Wolff, Diana/Pioch, Thomas/Dörfer, Christof E.
Posterpreis: 3. Bestpreis 2004 Poster 252, Language: German
Langzeitergebnisse 10 Jahre nach parodontaler Therapie. 2. Zahnbezogene Faktoren
Kaltschmitt, Jens/Pretzl, Bernadette/Eickholz, Peter
Posterpreis: 2. Bestpreis 2004 Poster 253, Language: German
Vergleich zweier Entnahmestrategien subgingivaler Plaqueproben für mikrobiologische Gensondentests
Krigar, Diana M./Kaltschmitt, Jens/Radek, Martin/Eickholz, Peter
Posteraward Poster 254, Language: English
Esthetics in and with All-ceramic Restorations
Bauer, Axel/Zatorska, Karina/Lauer, Hans-Christoph
Merit Award Poster 258, Language: English
Chemiluminescence and LED: The Future of Early Oral Cancer Detection?
Saravanan, Ram/Siar, Chong Huat
DGZMK/Dentsply/BZÄK Förderpreis Poster 266, Language: German
Die Fibrinmembran als Scaffold für ein rein autologes Bone Tissue Engineering
Nolting, Tim/Szuwart, Thomsas/Wiesmann, Hans-Peter/Joos, Ulrich/Kleinheinz, Johannes
Best Prosthetic Poster-Presentation Poster 244, Language: English
Facial Profile Support by Fixed or Removable Implant Superstructures
Neugebauer, Jörg/Meul, Britta/Kübler, Alexander C./Karapetian, Viktor Emil/Saffar, Mitra/Zöller, Joachim E.
DGP Travel Grant Poster 235, Language: English
Oily calcium hydroxyde suspension and alpha-TCP in treating intrabony defects
Stratul, Stefan-Ioan/Sculean, Anton
3. Platz des 17. DGZMK / BZÄK / DENTSPLY Förderpreises Poster 238, Language: English
Failure mode of implant-abutment connections after horizontal cyclic loading
Zipprich, Holger/Weigl, Paul/Fischbach-Sedlatschek, Silke/Lauer, Hans-Christoph
Tagungspreis für die beste Präsentation Poster 163, Language: English
Evaluation of dental restorations with occlusal surfaces - A new approach -
Rudolph, Heike/Schöne, Christine/Weber, Anke/Benzinger, Silke/Quaas, Sebastian/Sporbeck, Henning/Luthardt, Ralph
3. Tagungsbestpreis Poster 166, Language: German
Klinische Untersuchung zur Wirksamkeit eines neuen Ulraschallgerätes bei der nicht-chirurgischen Parodontitis-Therapie
Horodko, Martin/Bürklin, Thomas/Raetzke, Peter/Ratka-Krüger, Petra
1st Prize for Best Poster Poster 168, Language: English
Immediate Bridge Restored Implants Under Functional Loading - A Study in Mini-Pigs -
Neugebauer, Jörg/Thams, Ulf/Roman, F. San/Steveling, Helmut G./Zöller, Joachim E.
Tagungsbestpreis, Preis für das beste Poster Poster 131, Language: German
Ohrgeräusche, kraniomandibuläre Dysfunktionen und deren Einfluss auf die Lebensqualität einer populationsbasierten Probandengruppe
Bernhardt, Olaf/Gesch, Dietmar/Mundt, Thorsten/Schwahn, Christian/Meyer, Georg/John, Ulrich
3. Preis (Tagungspreis) Poster 132, Language: German
Untersuchungen zu Effekten des Vector-Systems
Hartschen, Vera Juliane/Frentzen, Matthias
Best Poster of Conference Poster 133, Language: English
Determining the Wear Resistance of Occlusal Splints in a Prospective Clinical Study
Ottl, Peter/Schmelz, Petra/Piwowarczyk, Andree/Lauer, Hans-Christoph
3. Bestpreis (Kategorie Poster) Poster 127, Language: German
Einfluß einer Taschenirrigation auf die elastolytische Aktivität in der Sulkusflüssigkeit
Herrmann, Jens Martin/Gonzáles, José Roberto/Meyle, Joerg
Poster-Preis der Tagung Poster 107, Language: German
Die Langerhanszell-Histiozytose mit multiplen eosiniphilen Granulomen im Ober- und Unterkiefer
Kleier, Christian/Kleinheinz, Johannes/Joos, Ulrich
Posterbestpreis Poster 103, Language: German
Mikrotest zur Bestimmung der Elastaseaktivität bei marginaler Parodontitis
Herrmann, Jens Martin/Kleinsteuber, Andreas/Gonzáles, José Roberto/Vonholdt, Julia/Panagiotou, Ekaterini/Roessler, Ralf/Meyle, Joerg
Dentsply - Förderpreis Poster 87, Language: English
Einfluß verschiedener Mundspüllösungen auf in vivo gewachsene Plaque
Hombach, Andreas/Beetke, Eckhard/Jentsch, Holger
Tagungsbestpreis 2000 der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Funktionslehre Poster 70, Language: German
Funktionsstörungen des Kauorgans und allgemeinmedizinische Erkrankungen: Risikofaktoren und Marker für Kopfschmerzen
Bernhardt, Olaf/Gesch, Dietmar/Mundt, Thorsten/Mack, Florian/Schwahn, Christian/Meyer, Georg/Hensel, Elke/John, Ulrich
Preis 1998 der Gesellschaft für Kinderzahnheilkunde und Primärprophylaxe in der DGZMK Poster 71, Language: German
Vergleichende Prüfung verschiedener Methoden der Kariesrisiko-Diagnostik
Kühnisch, Jan/Heinrich-Weltzien, Roswitha/Stößer, Lutz/Senkel, Helga
Swiss Society of Periodontology Award Poster 67, Language: English
Interleukin - 10 Polymorphisms in Patients with Early Onset- and Adult Periodontitis
Herrmann, Jens Martin/Gonzáles, José Roberto/Michel, Jörg/Diete, A./Wunderlich, D./Vonholdt, Julia/Meyle, Joerg
Tagesbestpreis der Gemeinschaftstagung der DGZMK, LZK Hessen und DGP Poster 68, Language: German
Defektweite zur Prognose und Beschreibung parodontaler Heilung in Knochentaschen
Klein, Filip/Kim, Ti-Sun/Haßfeld, Stefan/Staehle, Hans Jörg/Eickholz, Peter
Colgate Forschungspreis 2000 Poster 69, Language: German
Quantitative REM-Untersuchung zur Biofilmbildung auf Titanoberflächen
Braasch, Volker/Schmitz, Inge/Müller, Klaus-Michael/Grimm, Wolf-Dieter
Posterpreis Poster 55, Language: English
New Aspects concerning X-ray Protection - Dose Reduction versus Diagnostic Information?
Segerath, Catrin/Stamm, Thomas/Renger, Bernhard/Ehmer, Ulrike/Heindel, Walter L.
Best poster Poster 48, Language: English
Anaerobic microflora under class I and class II composite and amalgam fillings
Heinrich, Annegret/Bernhardt, Olaf/Splieth, Christian/Meyer, Georg
Posterpreis der Tagung Poster 37, Language: English
Evaluation of the temporomandibular joint by magnetic resonance imaging using a standardized evaluation form
Ottl, Peter/Hohmann, Andreas/Lauer, Hans-Christoph/Zanella, Friedhelm/Hardenacke, Frank
Quintessenz Poster Prize 1999 Poster 33, Language: English
Experimental studies on surface treatment of Titanium by new blasting techniques
Lenz, Ulrike/Lenz, Edwin/Raser, Gerhard
Posterpreis der Tagung Poster 26, Language: German
Infektionen im Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtsbereich: Was hat sich in den letzten 25 Jahren geändert?
Al-Nawas, Bilal/Grötz, Knut A./Mäurer, Markus/Wagner, Wilfried
BZÄK/DGZMK/Dentsply-Förderpreis 1998 Poster 10, Language: German
Bestimmung der Zahnangulation im Dental-CT bei nicht konstanten Untersuchungsparametern
Sellerer, Steffen/Hirschfelder, Ursula
Best Scientific e-Poster Poster 2327, Language: English
Tooth Coronal Index & Pulp-Tooth Ratio - A Key for Age Estimation
Role of Radiology in Forensic Odontology
Kuduva Ramesh, Shilpa Shree / Sadaksharam, Jayachandran / Jayaram, Vidya
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