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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 13 (2011), No. 2     15. June 2011

Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 2011, Vol 13 No 2, Poster 537

Tobacco vaccine

A new life from the dead end ...

Language: English

Dr Smriti Goswami, PG student, Dr Manisha Sharma, PG student, Prof. Dr Umesh Chandra Prasad G, Dr Pankaj Agrawal, Dr Ram Ballabh Upadhyay,
KD Dental college, BR Ambedkar University, Department of oral & maxillofacial pathology, Chattikara, Mathura ( U.P.), India

27th-29th November 2009
XVIIIth National Conference of Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist
Indian habitat centre, New Delhi


The harm that tobacco use does to health is irrefutable. The evidence of careful scientific articles testifies that its use, smoke or smokeless and inhaling side stream smoke from cigarettes increases risk of many serious diseases particularly ORAL CANCER. However tobacco use is one of the major preventable causes of disease and premature death. In an ironic twist to the relationship between tobacco and human health, it would seem that the future of the tobacco plant may lie in growing vaccines against cancer. It is observed that the vaccine derived from tobacco plant can be used for treatment of various cancers like lymphoma, epidemic infections like norovirus infection, and as therapy against tobacco addiction.

Fig. 1: tobacco plant
Fig. 2: tobacco plant

Material and Methods

Searched the articles of pub med, Advances in Dental Research, medline (Sep 1997 - March 2011) for researches, reviews, clinical trials. Main search involved mesh terms associated with for tobacco effects and tobacco vaccines. Additional search involved systemic effects of tobacco, effectiveness of vaccine against addiction as well as relevant searching of references of all retrieved articles for possible inclusion.


Tobacco is available in various forms : Tobacco powder, cigar, cigrattes.Use in various forms have resulted many harmful effects like Oral cancer, addiction, infections.On the other hand tobacco plant itself yields many beneficial effects : Cancer vaccine, vaccine against addiction, vaccine against infection. many clnical trials have been done, still more to do.

Tobacco is available in various forms. Use in various forms have resulted many harmful effects:

Oral cancer
Exposure to smokeless tobacco results in loss of anti-inflammatory activity of anoxein I and upregulation of proinflammatory cox 2 in oral cells, and this dual effects leads the cells down the carcinogenic activity.

Nicotine is a stimulant and one of the major cause of addiction, nicotine doesn't appear to present as a direct carcinogen activity itself but it enables the formation of tobacco specific nitrosamines which are potent carcinogens.

Carbon mono oxide tyramide causes pulmonary damage and loss of elasticity in alveoli leading to COPD and emphysema.

Various other systemic effects are also present. On the other hand tobacco plant itself yields many beneficial effects:

Cancer vaccine
These are protein based tumour specific vaccine, cheap carry low risk to pt and work as Ab chemical specific to tumour cells.

Vaccine against addiction
Derived from nicotine containing hapten carrier conjugate as a result nicotine reaching brain decreases to 64%.

Vaccine against infection
Tobacco derived antigen prompted an immune response that was 4-20 times higher than that from other engineered antigen. Clinical trials in mice have been successful for vaccine against norovirus infection.

Other uses in different disorders: Parkinson's disease, Tourtte's disease, Alzhimer's disease, ulcerative colitis, sleep apnea.

Fig. 3: oral cancer Fig. 4: addiction
Fig. 5: addiction of smoke Fig. 6: vaccine against infection
Fig. 7: form of tobacco - cigar Fig. 8: dead end
Fig. 9: infections - TB Pt Fig. 10: vaccine against infection


Tobacco use is one of the major preventable cause of disease and premature death. The same plant which is responsible for causing cancer may offer a way to treat the disease. However, government still hesitate to act progressively to reduce tobacco use as it may affect the economic benefits that a country derives from growing, processing, manufacturing, exporting and taxing tobacco.


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This Poster was submitted by Dr Smriti Goswami.

Correspondence address:
Dr Smriti Goswami
BR Ambedkar University
Department of oral & maxillofacial pathology
KD Dental college NH-2
Chattikara, Mathura ( U.P.) 281001