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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 18 (2016), ANKYLOS     9. Dez. 2016
Ankylos Poster- and Videoprice 2016 Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 18 (2016), ANKYLOS  (09.12.2016)

Supplement, Poster 1069, Sprache: Deutsch/Englisch

Mit intraoperativem WeldOne-Schlüssel zu definitiven Abutments mit Keramikbrücke schon bei der Freilegung in der OK-Front
Petschelt, Friedemann / Kraußeneck, Thomas
With a during the implant surgery intraoraly manufactered "WeldOne" titaniumframework and the encoding of this framework with the neighbouring teeth it is possible, also in the aesthetic zone of the maxilla to produce the definitive customized abutments and the final ceramic bridge while the period of osseointegration.
With the consideration of the well known biological width these components are already present for the second stage surgery. So the advantages of the "One Abutment at one time" concept can be perfectly used.
After Insertion of the implants the passive fit framework is produced with the "WeldOne" unit. This titanium frame will be encoded with the teeth nearby by using composite. Then it will be removed and the surgery ends with suturing.
With this key the technician can easily produce a plaster model and the cad/cam process to gain the individual abutments and the final bridge can be started.
After the osseointegration with a covered healing period the definitive prosthetic respectiveley the abutments and the bridge is inserted during the reopening session. The abutments will never be removed.
The undisturbed regeneration of the mucosa without changing of any prosthetic parts leads to a successful emergence profile and stabile resistant conditions. This treatment saves time and can avoid periimplantitis.
With the knowledge of the biological width it is possible to reach a successful and durable aesthetic. The final bridge and abutments are already present before the reopening and can be inserted definitely in exact this session and do not have to be removed at any time. The perio-prosthetic area stays stabile.

Schlagwörter: Aesthetic, One Abutment at one time, WeldOne unit, Biological

Poster Award: Ankylos Poster- and Videoprice 2016

Ankylos Kongress 2016
17.-18. June 2016
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland