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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), Nr. 4     15. Dez. 2007
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), Nr. 4  (15.12.2007)

Poster 379, Sprache: Englisch

Bone formation in extraction sockets augmented with Bio-Oss Collagen after a healing period of 6 weeks
Hildebrand, Detlef/Bassem, Al-Chawaf/Nelson, Katja
In this present study new bone formation of fresh extraction socket afteraugmentation with Bio-Oss Collagen was analyzed after a healing period of 6weeks using histomorphometry Material and methods: Ten patients, referredfor extraction of decayed teeth of all regions, were included in this study.The extraction sockets were instrumented to eliminate all remnants ofperiodontal ligament tissue and showed no defect in extraction site. Eachsocket was grafted with Bio-Oss Collagen without flap management. After a 6weeks healing period, at implant placement, bone biopsy samples wereobtained with a trephine bur and evaluated histomorphometrically, usingMasson's trichrome and Toluidine staining. Quantification of new boneformation and BioOss-remnants was performed using a digital imaging system(AxioVision, Zeiss, Germany). Results and discussion: The values found fornew bone formation ranged from 35% - 59% and 34% for remainingBioOss-particles. This is comparable to the findings of studies with healingperiod of 12 weeks in canines. These results encouraged an early onsetimplantation after healing period of six weeks. The long-term success andsurvival rate of these implants will be the subject of futureinvestigation.

Schlagwörter: extraction socket, augmentation

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