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International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine



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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 3 (2001), Nr. 1     15. Mär. 2001
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 3 (2001), Nr. 1  (15.03.2001)

Poster 59, Sprache: Englisch

The use of zygomatic implants in maxillary reconstruction and the advantages of computer assisted insertion insertion
Schramm, Alexander/Stricker, Andres/Gellrich, Nils-Claudius/Schön, Ralf/Schimming, Ronald/Schmelzeisen, Rainer
Installation of fixtures for prosthetic reconstruction in the upper jaw in patients with extensive bone and soft tissue defects is still a challenge. These situations normally require thesupport of vascularized bone or composit grafts and secondary insertion of endosseous implants.As an alternative zygomaticus fixtures can be used. The dimension of these implants and thecomplex anatomy due to previous surgical procedures demand specific treatment for a precise and safe insertion of the implants. On the base of an axial spiral CT data set the STN-4 navigation system was used for the insertion of zygomaticus fixtures after subtotal maxillectomy. Computer assisted insertion was successfully completed (n=7). The implants could be positioned precisely as preoperatively planned. The use of zygomatic fixtures after ablative tumor surgery with resection of the maxillary bone provides immediate prosthetic reconstruction without additional bone grafting. Computer assisted insertion of these implants improves preoperative planning by valid 3D visualization of the anatomic situs and virtually positioning of the fixture and faciliates clinical procedure by guiding the drill to the intended position.

Schlagwörter: computer assisted surgery, implantology, maxillofacial surgery

5th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer
San Francisco, USA