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Issue BDO,DGMKG,IFDAS/2015     (08.10.2015)
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 17 (2015), BDO,DGMKG,IFDAS     (08.10.2015)
Poster 911 - 926

Supplement of the 2nd joint Congress of DGMKG and BDO, 32nd Annual Congress of BDO & 14th International Dental Congress on Anesthesia, Sedation and Pain control of IFDAS (2015)

Supplement, Poster 911, Language: English
Oral tumors and tumor-like lesions in Yemeni Elderly attending Outpatient Dental Clinic: A Preliminary Assessment
Al-Maweri, Sadeq Ali / Al Masri, Ousamah

Supplement, Poster 912, Language: English
A case of general anesthesia for a dental treatment before double heart-valve replacement
Joh, Shigeharu / Kamata, Shun / Satoh, Masahito / Sakamoto, Nozomu / Miura, Hitoshi / Ohashi, Ayako / Miyano, Atsushi

Supplement, Poster 914, Language: English
Study of Impacts of Local Anesthesia on Hemomicrocirculation of Teeth Pulp.
Lubov, P. / Anisimova, E. / Sokhov, S. / Iermoliev S.

Supplement, Poster 916, Language: English
An Audit of Sedation Need using IOSN Scoring
Fcarcsi, Giju Jacob George

Supplement, Poster 917, Language: English
Use of BIS (Bi Spectral Index) for Sedation Monitoring in a Morbidly Obese Patient
George, Giju / Kaura, Laura / Macpherson, JA

Supplement, Poster 918, Language: English
Preoperative Oral Care Reduces The Bacterial Adhesion To Endotracheal Tubes
Endo, Chie / Endo, Chie / Shimoyama, Y. / Satoh, K. / Satoh, M. / Kimura, S. / Joh, S.

Supplement, Poster 919, Language: English
Dexmedetomidine-based intravenous sedation of a Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency pediatric patient: A case report
Takahashi, Nanae / Takahashi, Masato / Matsumura, Tomoka

Supplement, Poster 921, Language: English
Xenon in dentistry
Zavodilenko, Larisa

Supplement, Poster 922, Language: English
Laryngeal Mask Use in Outpatient Denatl Surgery at oligofren patient
Zavodilenko, Larisa

Supplement, Poster 923, Language: English
The effects of lidocaine on calcium release and the role of pathways in swine lingual artery contraction induced with agonists
Satoh, Kenichi / Chikuda, Mami / Ota, Maiko / Shozushima, Masanori / Joh, Shigeharu

Supplement, Poster 925, Language: English
Effects of diabetic neuropathy on cardiovascular response
Ohnuki, Tomotaka / Boku, Aiji / Inoue, Mika / Niwa, Hitoshi

Supplement, Poster 926, Language: English
The influence of implant-abutment junction on marginal bone level shown by the comparison of CAMLOG and CONELOG Implants
Clinical relevance
Zalikowski, Hermann Morris / Kreher, Thomas / Gwosdz, Frank / Seufert, Amelie / Wiegner, Jörg-Ulf