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Issue 3/2015     15. Sep. 2015
15. Sep. 2015
Poster 899 - 909

Best Poster of the Session Poster 899, Language: English
Mouth Watering But Erosive: A comparative evaluation of pH of Indian spices
Verma, Jayeeta / Padhye, Leena / Verma, Sidharth
Poster 901, Language: English
Idiopathic Plasmacytosis Of Gingiva: A Diagnostic Dilemma
Idiopathic Plasmacytosis - A case report
Grover, Shilpa / Tewari, Shikha
Poster 902, Language: English
Wear of Telescopic CAD/CAM zirconia and High-noble Metal Copings for Overdenture Retention
Arnold, Christin / Mansour, Sonia / Setz, Jürgen M / Boeckler, Arne F.
Poster 903, Language: English
Precision of Computer-Guided Implant Placement in the Edentulous Mandible - an In Vitro Study
Boeckler, Arne F. / Tsita, Vasiliki / Arnold, Christin / Mansour, Sonia / Setz, Jürgen
Poster 904, Language: English
Cast Impression of Sterilized Impressions, Long Term Evaluation
Maurício, Paulo Durão / Martins, Francisco / Simeonova, Ema / Reis, José Alexandre
Poster 905, Language: English
Influence of Titanium/Triceram and Zirconia/Triceram veneering thickness on biaxial bond strength
Alzahrani, Talal Mohammad / Gschwandtner, Tamara / Spintzyk, Sebastian / Schille, Christine / Geis-Gerstorfer, Jürgen
Poster 906, Language: English
New Mandibular Distractor Device
Vale, Francisco Fernandes / Amaral, Miguel / Veiga, Germano / Caramelo, Francisco
Poster 908, Language: German/English
Mehrkernige Riesenzellen im Implantationsbett xenogener Knochenersatzmaterialien- ein in vivo Vergleichsanalyse
Multinucleated giant cell formation in different xenogeneic bone substitute materials

in vivo Untersuchung der Gewebereaktion
in vivo analysis of tissue reaction

Lorenz, Jonas Michael / Barbeck, Mike / Schlee, Markus / Lerner, Henriette / Sader, Robert / Ghanaati, Shahram
Poster 909, Language: English
Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma: A Case Report
Management of peripheral ossifying Fibroma
Sehgal, Prachi