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Issue CAMLOG/2014     5. Aug. 2014
5. Aug. 2014
Poster 784 - 805

Supplement: 5th International CAMLOG Congress, 2014, Valencia, Spain

Supplement, Poster 784, Language: English
Minimizing Periimplantitis with the New Method of Implanthoprosthetic Treatment
Awillo, Krzysztof / Jasinska, Anna / Tokarska, Katarzyna / Malejczyk, Jacek
Supplement, Poster 785, Language: English
Severe Bone Loss in the Aesthetic Zone
Ruppin, Jörg Martin
Supplement, Poster 786, Language: English
CAD/CAM Conic Crowns to Obtain a Predictable Retention in Implant Prosthesis: An in Vitro Study
Antonaya-Martin, Jose Luis / Río-Highsmith, Jaime del / Celemín-Viñuela, Alicia / Gomez-Polo, Miguel / Moreno-Hay, Isabel / Lillo-Rodriguez, Juan Carlos
Supplement, Poster 787, Language: English
In Vivo implant micromovements measuring with 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC)
Rodrigues Baiôa, Tânia Alexandra
Supplement, Poster 789, Language: English
Application of image segmentation for implant bone level measurement in periapical standardized radiographs
Messias, Ana / Cunha, Pedro / Rocha, Salomão / Reis, Rita / López, Miguel / Nicolau, Pedro
Supplement, Poster 790, Language: English
Acrylic Customized X-Ray Positioning Stent for Prospective Bone Level Analysis in Long-Term Clinical Implant Studies
Messias, Ana / Rocha, Salomão / Tondela, João / Reis, Rita / Nicolau, Pedro / Guerra, Fernando
Supplement, Poster 791, Language: English
Effect of dental implants on bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws
Holzinger, Daniel / Seemann, Rudolf / Matoni, Nadja / Ewers, Rolf / Millesi, Werner / Wutzl, Arno
Supplement, Poster 794, Language: English
Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Patient with a Congenital Disorder using Implant-Supported Prosthesis: A Case Report
Evren, Buket / Özkan, Yasar / Kulak-Özkan, Yasemin
2-nd Place Supplement, Poster 795, Language: English
Comparative ultrasound assessment of keratinized gingiva thickness around implants after the augmentation treatment in esthetic zone-preliminary results
Puzio, Monika / Błaszczyszyn, Artur / Dominiak, Marzena
CAMLOG Foundation Poster Competition 2014 - First Prize Supplement, Poster 796, Language: English
Platform switching versus platform matching
Two-years results from a prospective randomized-controlled multicenter study
Rocha, Salomao / Wagner, Wilfried / Wiltfang, Jörg / Guerra, Fernando / Moergel, Maximilian / Behrens, Eleonore / Nicolau, Pedro
Supplement, Poster 797, Language: English
Neurophysiological Changes after Implant Placement
Hartmann, Amely Gundula / Welte-Jzyk, Claudia / Seiler, Marcus / d'Hoedt, Bernd / Daubländer, Monika
Supplement, Poster 799, Language: English
Preliminary results of Camlog implants in the aesthetic zone: clinical and radiological evaluation
Kahramanoğlu, Erkut / Vanlıoğlu, Burçin / Özkan, Yaşar / Kulak-Özkan, Yasemin
Poster Competition 3rd Prize Supplement, Poster 800, Language: English
Clinical and radiographic outcome of Camlog implants in partially edentulous cases after an observation period of 10 years.
Vanlioglu, Burcin / Özkan, Yaşar / Kulak-Özkan, Yasemin
Supplement, Poster 801, Language: English
Immediate Definitive versus Conventionally Healed Individualized Lithium Disilicate Abutment: A Clinical Report
Gumus, Pınar / Ozturk, Gamze / Comlekoglu, Muharrem Ehan
Supplement, Poster 802, Language: English
Effect of Luting Cement Opaqueness on the Final Colour of Titanium - Base Supported Lithium Disilicate Abutments
Çömlekoğlu, Mine Dündar / Çömlekoğlu, M. Erhan
Supplement, Poster 803, Language: English
Accuracy Of The "MExPERT® IPM Camlog" For Economical Implant Guides
Döblitz, Marco Nicolai / Sohst, Sebastian / Mah, James / Bumann, Axel
Supplement, Poster 804, Language: English
The iSy-Implant Concept
1-Year Data - Integration In Daily Practice - Case Report
Ulrici, Stefan / Barth, Thomas / Barth, Christian