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Issue 1/2014     15. Mar. 2014
15. Mar. 2014
Poster 738 - 748

Poster 738, Language: English
Astra Implants In Severe Atrophy Patient With Class III Anomaly To Avoid Bone Augmentation After Bisphosphonate Treatment
Walter, Christian / Wegener, Joachim / Wagner, Wilfried
Poster 740, Language: German/English
3D-Planung mandibulär-maxillärer Umstellungsosteotomien
Three-dimensional planning of mandibular-maxillary orthognathic surgery

Aktueller Stand und Protokollentwicklung
Current Status and protocol development

Goetze, Elisabeth Johanna / Schulz, Peter / Bolm, Irina / Al-Nawas, Bilal
Poster 741, Language: English
Effect of Curodont Repair in Patients with proximal carious lesions
Uncontrolled, non-interventional study - intermediate report
Schlee, Markus / Rathe, Florian / Bommer, C.
Bronze Medal Poster 742, Language: English
The assessment of serum lipid level among a sample of kuantan patients with periodontal diseases
Wisam Kamil, Lina Al Bayati, Suhailah Ali
Kamil, Wisam Alaa / Al-Bayati, Lina Hilal / Ali, Suhaila Mohamed
Poster 743, Language: English
Evaluation of a new interactive e-learning tool (ILKUM) of the University Medical Center Mainz
Sagheb, Keyvan / Schulz, Peter / Bemsch, A. / Kumar, V. / Walter, Christian
Poster 744, Language: English
Influence of platform switching abutment design on crestal bone levels in the same implant system - first results of a prospective randomized multicenter study
Kämmerer, Peer W. / Wiltfang, Jörg / Behrens, Eleonore / Guerra, Fernando / Nicolau, P. M. G. / Rocha, S. / Moergel, Maximilian / Wagner, Wilfried
Poster 746, Language: English
Human dental age estimation by cone beam computed tomography - an in vitro study
Fritsch, Franziska Laura / Gleissner, Christiane / Willershausen, Britta
Poster award for the category Biomaterials Poster 747, Language: English
A Self-Assembling Peptide with the Potential of Non-Invasive Regeneration of Early Caries Lesions
Kind, Lucy / Wuethrich, Alain / Stevanovic, Sabrina / Pieles, Uwe / Hug, Michael / Lysek, Dominikus A.
Best Student Poster Presentation Poster 748, Language: English
Remineralisation of carious lesions by self-assembled peptide supramolecular networks
Stevanovic, Sabrina / Kind, Lucy / Wuethrich, Alain / Porta, Fabiola / Frommherz, Anna-Lisa / Deyle, H. / Müller, B. / Pieles, Uwe / Hug, Michael / Lysek, Dominikus A.