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Issue 2/2013     15. June 2013
15. June 2013
Poster 640 - 651

Poster 640, Language: English
Malignant Neoplasms of the Upper Jaw
A 17 years retrospective study
Schulz, Peter / Sagheb, Keyvan / Sagheb, Kawe / Kumar, Vinay V. / Taylor, Kathy / Walter, Christian
Poster 641, Language: English
Genetic variants of interferon-g and periodontitis in patients with coronary heart disease
Schulz, Susanne / Schlitt, Axel / Werdan, Karl / Hofmann, Britt / Gläser, Christiane / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Reichert, Stefan
Poster 642, Language: English
Treatment of intrabony defects with Ostim® or Emdogain®
Al-Machot, Elyan / Khalili, Ihssan / Noack, Barbara / Hoffmann, Thomas
Poster 643, Language: English
Influence of the variable age for long-term tooth retention after 15 years of periodontal supportive therapy (SPT)
Kahl, Maren / Schützhold, Svenja / Springer, Claudia / El-Sayed, Karim Fawzy / Rühling, Andreas / Kocher, Thomas / Dörfer, Christof E. / Graetz, Christian
Poster 644, Language: English
Antibacterial Properties of Impression Tray Adhesives
Hey, Jeremias / Boeckler, Arne F. / Setz, Jürgen M. / Bensel, Tobias
Poster 645, Language: English
CAD/CAM-titanium-ceramic single crowns with non-anatomic coping-design. A six-year follow-up study
Mansour, Sonia / Hey, Jeremias / Setz, Juergen M. / Boeckler, Arne F.
Poster 646, Language: English
Mandibular infected buccal cyst: A case report
Jachmann, Ingeborg / Hoffmann, Thomas
Poster 647, Language: English
Use of CAD-CAM in esthetic restoration of badly decayed tooth
Haralur, Satheesh B. / Al-Faifi, Ali Hassan
Poster 648, Language: English
Double Teeth: A big tooth with bigger problems??? Macrodonts: Size does matter ...
Permanent macro maxillary incisor in a child
Garg, Shalini / Dhindsa, Abhishek / Gupta, Kanupriya / Singh, Gundeep / Opal, Shireen
Poster Award Poster 649, Language: English
Salivary Biosensors: Diagnosing the Nano-Way
Mahima, Guledgud V. / Patil, Karthikeya / Verma, Saumya
Poster 650, Language: English
Catch the crab before it bites!!!
Singh, Anjali / Nayak, Meghanand T
Poster 651, Language: English
Primary cilia in odontogenic cysts
A scanning electron microscopic study
Pandiar, Deepak / Kumar, Amit / Shameena, PM