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Issue 3/2012     15. Sep. 2012
15. Sep. 2012
Poster 600 - 619

Poster 600, Language: English
Effect of Erosion / Remineralisation Challenges on Microtensile Bond Strength of two Dentin Adhesives
Bekes, Katrin / Unverricht, Kristina / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Gernhardt, Christian Ralf
Poster 601, Language: English
Penetrating injury of the soft palate - a case report
Pradel, Winnie / Koy, Susanne / Beleites, Thomas / Eckelt, Uwe
Poster 603, Language: English
Influence of Restorative Materials on Demineralization of Irradiated Dentin
Gernhardt, Christian Ralf / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Sparing, Katja / Vordermark, Dirk / Gerlach, Reinhard / Kuhnt, Thomas / Bekes, Katrin
Poster 604, Language: German
Nimodipin unterstützt die schnelle funktionelle Regeneration bei peripherer Fazialisparese
Scheller, Konstanze / Scheller, Christian
Poster 605, Language: English
Estimation of flow rate and study of epithelial cells in stimulated and unstimulated saliva
George, Renjith / Donald, Preethy Mary
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Poster 606, Language: German
Implementation of EBM in small group instruction
Sagheb, Keyvan / Schulz, Peter / Bemsch, Andreas / Wagner, Wilfried / Al-Nawas, Bilal
Poster 607, Language: English
Epigenetic modification in TNFa-gene
Schulz, Susanne / Lischewski, S. / Reichert, Yvonne / Gläser, Christiane / Stein, Jamal M. / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Reichert, Stefan
Poster 608, Language: English
N-Methyl Pyrrolidone Promotes Osteoblast Differentiation Impaired by Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Malina-Altzinger, Johann / Ghayor, Chafik / Grätz, Klaus W. / Weber, Franz E.
Poster 609, Language: English
Recurrence and complications of ranula
Lakiere, Eva / Schepers, Serge / Vrielinck, Luc / Lambrichts, Ivo / Politis, Constantinus
Poster 610, Language: German
Antibakterielle Wirkung von Ozon auf P. gingivalis und A. actinomycetemcomitans
Lorenz, Katrin / Krumrey, Lydia / Lück, Christian / Hoffmann, Thomas
Poster 611, Language: English
Influence of CHX on Microtensile Bond Strength of Self-Etching Adhesives
Bekes, Katrin / Siegmund, Susann / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Gernhardt, Christian Ralf
Poster 612, Language: German
SNPs in interleukin-1 (IL1) gene cluster and subgingival colonization with A. actinomycetemcomitans in patients with aggressive periodontitis
Schulz, Susanne / Stein, Jamal M. / Gläser, Christiane / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Reichert, Stefan
Poster 613, Language: English
Optical Coherence Tomography
Meghana, H. C. / Pramod, Gujjar Vittoba Rao / Ashok, Lingappa
Poster 614, Language: English
Effect of Different NaOCl Concentrations on MTBS of a Dual-curing Dentin Adhesive
Bekes, Katrin / Happrich, Jörg / Wrbas, Thomas / Schaller, Hans-Günter / Gernhardt, Christian Ralf
Poster 615, Language: English
In vitro investigation on varios denture base materials wettability
Farcasiu, Alexandru-Titus / Andrei, Oana-Cella
Poster 616, Language: English
Four-years evaluation of different retention systems for implant-supported overdentures
Cristache, Corina Marilena / Iliescu, Alexandru Andrei / Cristache, Gheorghe / Burlibasa, Mihai / Circu, Cosmin Marian
Poster 617, Language: English
Effect of Pro-Argin Technology on Bond Strength After Artificial Aging
Gernhardt, Christian Ralf / Reinboth, Andreas / Bekes, Katrin / Schaller, Hans-Günter
Poster 618, Language: English
Magnetic attachments on molar auxiliary abutments in removable partial overdentures
Andrei, Oana-Cella / Farcasiu, Alexandru-Titus
Poster 619, Language: English
Biodentine - A new choice of retro filling material
Aggarwal, Deepika / Wadhwani, Kulwinder Kaur