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Issue 3/2010     15. Sep. 2010
15. Sep. 2010
Poster 495 - 503

Poster 495, Language: English
Comparison of two different commercially available test kits to detect periodontal pathogens
Cosgarea, Raluca/Bäumer, Amelie/Zimmermann, Nils/Kim, Ti-Sun
Poster 496, Language: English
Cystic Hygroma In An Adult
Shilpa, Busnur Jayadevappa/Gajendra, Veeraraghavan/Ashok, Lingappa
Poster 497, Language: English
Visualization of combined perio-endo lesions by means of MRI
Cosgarea, Raluca/Rohde, Stefan/Gaudino, Chiara/Heiland, Sabine/Kim, Ti-Sun
Poster 498, Language: English
Strengthening of fractured devitalized teeth by casted core
Postic, Srdjan
Poster 499, Language: German
Umsetzung synoptischer Behandlungsstrategien im individuellen Patientenfall
Jacoby, Stephan/Walter, Michael/Khalili, Ihssan/Hoffmann, Thomas
Poster 500, Language: English
An unusual presentation of the myxoma of maxilla
Dhale, Rashmi/Phadnaik, Mangesh
Poster 501, Language: English
Cone-beam computed tomography: Small cone big scoop!
Shenoy, Archana R. / P, Sushma / Ashok, Lingappa / P, Sujatha G.
2nd place in the Patient Presentation Poster, Senior Clinican, Nobel-Active in severe case of periodontal disease Poster 502, Language: English
Nobel-Active in severe case of periodontal disease
Nilius, Manfred/Nilius, Mirela-Oana/Nikolic, Simone/Nikolic, Robert/Arentz, Jochen
Bernd-Spiessl-Award: best Student Poster Poster 503, Language: English
Improving interactive learning in dental education
Sagheb, Keyvan/Schulz, Peter/Bemsch, Andreas/Al-Nawas, Bilal