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Issue 4/2003     15. Dec. 2003
15. Dec. 2003
Poster 194 - 205

Poster 194, Language: English
Treatment of gustatory sweating with botulinum toxin: A prospective study on long-term efficiacy and quality of life
Eulzer, Christopher/Teltzrow, Thomas/Küttner, Christian
Poster 195, Language: English
Bond strength of different adhesive systems to bone
Bekes, Katrin/Gernhardt, Christian Ralf/Maurer, Peter/Schaller, Hans-Günter/Schubert, Johannes
Poster 197, Language: English
Caries prevalence in Filipino children without access to conventional dental care
Heinrich-Weltzien, Roswitha/Monse-Schneider, Bella/Borutta, Annerose
Poster 198, Language: English
Caries experience among pre-school children in Westfalia
Senkel, Helga/Heinrich-Weltzien, Roswitha/Kühnisch, Jan/Stößer, Lutz
Poster 199, Language: English
The Effect of Fluoride Release from a Bonding Material on Nanoleakage
Pioch, Thomas/Wurst, Marcus/Duschner, Heinz/Staehle, Hans Jörg/Dörfer, Christof E.
Poster 200, Language: English
Induction of caries-like lesions by Candida albicans in an artificial mouth
Klinke, Thomas/Klimm, Wolfgang
Poster 201, Language: English
The Helkimo-Index as an instrument of clinical functional analysis in orthognathic surgery
Maurer, Peter/Otto, Cornelia/Bock, Jens J./Eckert, Alexander W./Schubert, Johannes
Poster 202, Language: English
Examination of the individual formation of the emergence profile with subgingival ceramic bevel after two years of function
Gallardo-Lopez, Luis/Samiotis, Argiris/Steveling, Helmut G.
Poster 203, Language: English
Clinical Monitoring with Resonance Frequancy Analysis (RFA) of Astra Implants
Samiotis, Argiris/Batniji, Mona/Gallardo-Lopez, Luis/Steveling, Helmut G.
Poster 204, Language: English
Quality of life and patients satisfaction after maxillectomy and prosthethical rehabilitation
Eckert, Alexander W./Maurer, Peter/Berginski, Markus/Otto, Cornelia/Schubert, Johannes/Bloching, Andrea/Müller, Alexander
Poster 205, Language: English
Micro vessel density as an indicator of invasive growth pattern in basal cell carcinoma
Eckert, Alexander W./Maurer, Peter/Schubert, Johannes/Lautner, Matthias/Mustafa, Tarek/Krause, Ulf