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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 19 (2017), OMD/PDA     15. Jan. 2018
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 18 (2016), OMD/PDA  (15.01.2017)

Supplement, Poster 1078, Language: English

Prosthetic Soft Tissue Conditioning in Single Implant Restorations: A Clinical Case Report
Fernandes, Luis / Carvalho, Luis / Domingos, João
Title: Prosthetic soft tissue conditioning in single implant restorations - Clinical Case Report
Introduction: Single implant restorations, especially in the anterior sector, represent a complex challenge due to high aesthetic demands. Soft tissue conditioning takes an important role, as we intend to achieve the correct papillae growth as well a harmonious gingival contour.
The goal of this clinical case report was to evaluate factors and technics used on the optimal treatment and conditioning of peri-implant soft tissues that allow us to achieve a harmonious and aesthetic restoration. We will present a clinical case photo report.
Case Discription: Male patient aged 70, with a missing 11 tooth about 30 years ago and wanted clinical evaluation for treatment.
The complaints were related to the functional and aesthetic limitations of the use of a removable prosthesis. He was hoping for a fixed solution with more natural aesthetics.
Implant surgery with immediate loading was performed with the use of a screwed provisional crown. The provisional crown was periodically altered as to optimize soft tissue conditioning.
After achieving correct form and aesthetics for the peri-implant soft tissue the results were duplicated with an impression used for the fabrication of the definitive crown.
Conclusions: Soft tissue morphology and gingival contour can be improved through conditioning promoted by a provisional crown customization.
A predictable and stable result depends on multiple factors being of biological, surgical and prosthodontic nature.

Keywords: Implant, restoration, soft tissue, conditioning

25th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Dental Association
10.-12. November 2016
Exponor, Porto, Portugal