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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 19 (2017), OMD/PDA     15. Jan. 2018
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 17 (2015), BDO,DGMKG,IFDAS  (08.10.2015)

Supplement, Poster 922, Language: English

Laryngeal Mask Use in Outpatient Denatl Surgery at oligofren patient
Zavodilenko, Larisa
Aim: To compare airway potency with laryngeal mask (LM) and intranasal airway (IA) during dental surgery at oligofren patient.
Methods: 32 ambulatory dental patients with oligophrenia (ASA I-II) were randomly allocated in group A (n=15) used LM and group B (n=12) used IA. Both groups received propofol and N2O/O2=2/1 from spontaneous breathing with infiltration anesthesia articaine (4%). Clinical studies (BP, heart rate, SpO2, breath frequency) were analyzed: before and after induction, the most traumatic stage, after anaesthesia and surgical intervention.
Results: After induction was observed mild hypotension-less 8% of basic level (p<0,05), decreased tidal volume (p<0,05). During other stages of significant changes of haemodynamic and breath wasn't. LM was successfully placed after first attempt in 100% cases. LM tolerability was satisfactory and did not demand anaesthesia depth. There were no ventilatory or gas exchange complications. Spontaneous ventilation was 16±0,1 dreath per min. SpO2 98-100%. IA installation required more time. Fixing of the lower jaw by the anesthesiologist for maintenance of possibility of airways was required for all patients. Spontaneous ventilation was adequate SpO2 98-100% but with mild tachypnea 22±0,3 dreath per min. IA did not provide prophylactic of aspiration.
Conclusion: LM demands less time than IA for installation, less traumatic, prevent possible translocation of the soft tissues, provide better airway potency and ventilator control.

Keywords: laryngeal mask, oligofren patient

2nd joint Congress of DGMKG and BDO, 32nd Annual Congress of BDO & 14th International Dental Congress on Anesthesia, Sedation and Pain control of IFDAS (2015)
08.-10. October 2015
Berlin, Germany