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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 19 (2017), OMD/PDA     15. Jan. 2018
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 16 (2014), OMD/PDA  (14.01.2015)

Supplement, Poster 840, Language: English

How evaluate Patient Satisfaction with dental health services
Martins, Tiago José / Manso, Conceição / Martins, Filipe Augusto / Gavinha, Sandra / Monteiro, Patrícia Manarte
Introduction: Effective management of patient perceptions/satisfaction regarding dental health/care and services is paramount to obtain.
Objectives: To measure outpatients' satisfaction with oral health/care delivery, in a University dental school clinic, by means of developing an inquiry.
Material and methods: 268 outpatients, both genders, 46.1(±16.3) years, voluntarily attended in FHS-UFP dental school clinic (April-July/2012), answered an inquiry (31 questions), evaluating patient satisfaction level (five-point Likert scale); The inquiry was further reduced to 26 question, and arranged into components by means of Factorial Analysis/PCA. Psychometric analysis (inquiry developed evaluation) was performed by means of studying its reliability and validity. Descriptive/inferential analysis was performed with SPSS© vs.21 (=0.05).
Results: Results regarding reliability coefficient (Cronbach's α=0.616), content, and construct validities showed intermediate internal consistency and satisfactory validity. Factorial analysis showed the pertinence of this model (KMO=0.655; Bartlett sphericity test, p<0.001), by means of PCA, indicating the existence of five components. The scores obtained for overall satisfaction with dental services ranged from 84 to 130 point (mean values=109.5±8.2). Although a significant positive association was obtained for "patient assistance access and receptionist help", by female outpatients and their age (rs=0.306, p<0.001), the highest mean satisfaction score were obtained for the components: "perception of solved (dental) problem", followed by "professional's quality and dental treatment" and "patient assistance assess and receptionist help".
Conclusions: This study makes available a tool to contribute to management and measuring dental healthcare deliveries.
Clinical Implications: Overall high level of patient satisfaction reflects the responsibility/accountability of dental team's approach towards the target population.

Keywords: Patient Satisfaction, Dental Care, Dental School Clinic, Scale development, Dental services, Validity, Inquiry

23. Portuguese Dental Association Annual Meeting
6.-8. November 2014
Exponor, Matosinhos, Portugal