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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 19 (2017), OMD/PDA     15. Jan. 2018
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 16 (2014), CAMLOG  (05.08.2014)

Supplement, Poster 801, Language: English

Immediate Definitive versus Conventionally Healed Individualized Lithium Disilicate Abutment: A Clinical Report
Gumus, Pınar / Ozturk, Gamze / Comlekoglu, Muharrem Ehan
Objectives: To maintain periimplantary biologic width by fabricating an individually designed non-functioning definitive lithium disilicate abutment without the need of removal for prosthetic stages and to compare the clinical outcome with its symmetrical conventional individualized abutment application. Materials and Methods: One-stage surgery with two bone level implants (Conelog; diameter: 3.8 mm and height: 11 mm) was conducted on a patient with bilateral maxillary lateral incisor congenital absence. An immediate definitive lithium disilicate abutment (e.max CAD abutment solutions, MO, Ivoclar Vivadent) was manufactured by CAD/CAM (Cerec MCXL, Sirona) and placed at one side on a titanium base (Conelog T-base, Camlog) and temporized by a composite resin build-up. The contralateral side was left for conventional healing and after four months, an individualized abutment was prepared, likewise. At the end of four months, definitive leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic crowns for both sides were fabricated (Empress CAD, Ivoclar Vivadent) and luted (Multilink hybrid abutment cement, Ivoclar Vivadent).The patient was followed-up for gingival contour and papillae formation for 9 months without any complaints. Conclusion: Both sides revealed successful gingival contour and health regardless of immediately placed definitive abutment concept or conventional healing followed by definitive restoration.

Keywords: definitive immediate abutment, connective tissue, biological width, marginal bone loss

5th International CAMLOG Congress
26.-28. June 2014
Valencia, Spain