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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 16 (2014), DGMKG     11. June 2014
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 16 (2014), DGMKG  (11.06.2014)

Supplement, Poster 760, Language: English

Differential diagnosis of a cervical cystic neoplasia
Henningsen, Anders
Introduction: Differential diagnostics of cystic cervical neoplasia is sometimes difficult. Genuine branchiogenic carcinoma, which means carcinoma in lateral cysts of the neck, are rare.
Case presentation: A 51 year old patient presented with a 4-week history of a progressive swelling postero-inferior to the right mandibular angle. Ultrasound of the neck showed a well defined, shmoothly shaped and homogenous cystic mass without hilus sign. A computed tomography scan of the head and neck revealed a 40mm hypodense mass in Level IIa, most likely a central necrotic lymph node metastasis. An 18FDG PET-CT scan revealed a rounded, metabolic active mass with central hypodensity in the right carotid triangle. There was no clinical or radiographic sign for any primary cancer. The mass was excised.
Result: Microscopic examination revealed a branchiogenic carcinoma. We applied a functional neck dissection on the right side and a bilateral tonsillectomy. The right tonsil contained a 2,2cm squamous cell carcinoma which infiltrated almost the whole tonsil (pT2, pN2a, M0).
Discussion and Conclusion: On assumption of a Cancer of unknown primary (CUP) we performed a PET-CT scan, which is clearly superior to single PET, CT or MRI. Despite the size of 2,2cm the primary cancer could not clearly be determined. First histologic examination revealed a branchiogenic carcinoma, which would be a rarity. Proof was given through diagnostic tonsillectomy, which is recommended for CUP of the head and neck but not in branchiogenic carcinoma. It has to be clarified whether branchiogenic carcinoma is a unique entity.

Keywords: branchiogenic, carcinoma, metastasis, neck, tonsil

64. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie (DGMKG)
11.-14. Juni 2014
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