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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 19 (2017), OMD/PDA     15. Jan. 2018
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), No. 4  (15.12.2007)

Poster 383, Language: English

How useful is it to digitally edit a conventional panoramic radiograph?
Kirsch, Michael
In the field of making panoramic radiographs there are two possibilities atthe moment. This is once the conventional and on the other hand the digitalway. Another possibility is the making of conventional panoramic radiographsand its digital processing. In this poster you examine with the help of a 2D diagnosis and planning software (copgiX ® -- IVS solution GmbH), whetherthis possibility has a therapeutically use. Within a fixed protocol before300 panoramic radiographs were examines. The results showed that is betterto edit conventional panoramic radiographs digitally before making asecondary radiograph or a CT/DVT.

Keywords: mental foramen, 2D diagnosis and planning software, digitally editing conventional panoramic radiographs

03.05.07 - 05.05.07
20. congress from the GSI (DGI)