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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), No. 2     15. June 2007
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), No. 2  (15.06.2007)

Poster 358, Language: German

Klinische Studie zur Primärstabilität zweier dentaler Implantatsysteme mittels Resonanz-Frequenz-Analyse
Rabel, Annette/Köhler, Steffen Gerhard/Schmidt-Westhausen, Andrea Maria
Objective: Primary stability has a major impact on the long term success of dental implants. The aim of this study was to investigate the correlation of resonance frequency analysis (RFA) and insertion torque of self-tapping and non self-tapping implants and their respective differences in primary stability.
Design: A group of 263 patients were treated with a total of 602 conically formed dental implants: 408 non self-tapping Ankylos® and 194 self-tapping Camlog®. The maximum insertion torque during implant placement was recorded. Resonance frequency, measured as the implant stability quotient (ISQ), was assessed once immediately after insertion and twice three months later.
Results: Torque values of the non self-tapping implants were significantly higher than those in the self-tapping group (p=0.023). RFA did not show differences between the two groups (p=0.956), but a correlation between ISQ values after implantation and three months after implant placement was measured (r=0.712). Within the implant systems, no correlation between insertion torque and resonance frequency values could be determined (r=0.305).
Conclusion: Our study indicates that ISQ values obtained from different implant systems are not comparable. The RFA does not appear suitable for evaluation of implant stability when used as a single method. Higher insertion torque of the non self-tapping Ankylos® implants appeared to confirm higher clinical primary stability.

Keywords: resonance frequency analysis, insertion torque, primary stability, self-tapping implants, non self-tapping implants

25.-27. Mai 2006
56. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kieferchirurgie
Wiesbaden, Deutschland