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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), No. 2     15. June 2007
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 9 (2007), No. 2  (15.06.2007)

Poster 355, Language: German

Visualisierung gesichtsmorphologischer Veränderungen nach orthognath-chirurgischen Eingriffen im farbcodierten 3D-Modell
Proll, Christian/Joos, Ulrich/Dirksen, Dieter/Kleinheinz, Johannes
Orthognathic surgery changes the morphology of faces in most cases. Usually these three-dimensional changes are visualized, measured and documented by cephalometric x-rays or photographs in only two dimensions.New techniques like the 3D-profilometry allow the capture of the facial surface three-dimensionally without any x-ray.Within this technique we captured the faces of 15 orthognathic patients pre- and postoperatively. Then we matched each pre- and postoperative 3D-model by reference points on a face bow and a "matching"- function of the 3D-software "gView". The differences between these models were calculated orthogonally to their surfaces and then coded into a colour. This colour-coded picture of differences was put together topographically with the postoperative 3D-model. So we got a colour-coded 3D-model with the possibility to visualize the 3D-morphology of the postoperative face, also the topography and quantification of the morphological changes by one view. It could be an improvement in visualization and documentation in orthognathic-surgery.

Keywords: 3D-Profilometrie, Orthognathe Chirurgie, Gesichtsmorphologie, Visualisierung

25.-27.Mai 2006
56. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kieferchirurgie