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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 8 (2006), No. 1     15. Mar. 2006
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 8 (2006), No. 1  (15.03.2006)

Poster 302, Language: German

Simulation periimplantärer Entzündungsprozesse im 3-dimensionalen Zell-Migrations-Modell
Gassmann, Georg/Entschladen, Frank/Möller, Sonja von/Grimm, Wolf-Dieter
Introduction and Aims: The titanium implant survival rate is due to crevicular peri-implant inflammatory mediatiors from immune competent cells in answer to the subgingival biofilm (Salcetti et al. 1996). CD4+ lymphocytes play an important role in periodontitis (Gemmell et al. 2002). In this study the influence of mono-metal titanium (cp-Ti) as being used in dental implants and of two dental alloys (reduced precious alloy (rpa), palladium based alloy (pba) on activation status and migration of CD4+ lymphocytes is evaluated in a 3-D collagen matrix migration model.
Materials and methods: After immunomagnetical separation of CD4+ lymphocytes harvested from healthy voluntary donors who gave informed consent were incubated in the 3-D collagen matrix migration model with either titanium or one of the alloys (rpa/pba) mentioned. After time-lapse video recording and digitizing the data were analyzed in respect to cell migration. The activation status of CD25- and CD45R0-receptors was evaluated by flow cytometry. Statistical significance was tested applying the Mann-Whitney U-test
Results: Direct contact between CD4+ lymphocytes and alloys resulted in reduced cell migration (rpa:40% reduction, pba: 58% reduction). Titanium led to 11% enhancement (p

Keywords: Dentale Implantate, Legierungen, Biokompatibilität, Migration, T-Helferzellen

09. - 11. September 2004
Konsens - Dissens in der Parodontologie, Jubiläumstagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Parodontologie zum 80. Jahrestag der Gründung der ARPA gemeinsam mit der GZMK Dresden
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