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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 7 (2005), No. 4     15. Dec. 2005
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 7 (2005), No. 4  (15.12.2005)

Poster 288, Language: English

Holistic concept of the stomatognathic system
Panek, Halina
Introduction: The earliest concepts of the stomatognathic system derived fromstudies performed by Hanau, Trappozzano and Levin, were concentrated onrelationship between occlusion and temporo-mandibular joints. The laterconcepts, described by Held (Fig.1), Wigdorowicz-Makowerowa et al. (Fig. 2),Majewski, Fuhr and Solberg as well as by Troest, the importance ofadditional elements, such as periodontium, neuro-muscular system and CNS,are stressed. In holistic concept of stomatognathic system proposed by Panekan environment is included.

Keywords: stomatognathic system

22-24 April 2004
48 Conges GIRSO (Groupment Internationale pour la Recherche Scientifique en Stomatologie et Odontologie),
Wroclaw, Poland.