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Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 19 (2017), OMD/PDA     15. Jan. 2018
Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 3 (2001), No. 3  (15.09.2001)

Poster 82, Language: English

Treatment of Gustatory Sweating With Botulinumtoxin A
Küttner, Christian/Berens, A./Tröger, Mathias/Swennen, Gwen/Eckardt, André
At the conclusion of this presentation, the participant should be able to identify the benefit of the treatment with Botulinumtoxin A in patients suffering from gustatory sweating.
Frey's Syndrome is present in almost all patients after parotid gland surgery. Gustatory sweating decreases quality of life. Botulinumtoxin A has been recently described to be an effective treatment. This prospective clinical study was disigned to evaluate the efficacy of the therapy.
20 patients with severe gustatory sweating following superficial parotidectomy due to adenoma of the parotid gland were treated. Botulimnumtoxin A was injected intracutaneously into the affected area once. Minor's starch iodine test was performed to prove the efficacy of the treatment. Quality of life was evaluated by SF-36.
Minor's starch iodine test showed the total absence of gustatory sweating within one week after treatment in all patients. No side effects could be observed. Quality of life was increased significantely.Botulinumtoxin A is highly effective and save in the treatment of gustatory sweating. Intracutaneous injections of Botulinumtoxin A are the treatment of choice in severe cases of Frey's Syndrome.

Keywords: Frey's syndrome, gustatory sweating, botulinum toxin

07/29/00 - 08/02/00
5th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer
San Francisco/USA